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Asshole_Physicst t1_j281r8n wrote

Seriously? Should I remind you that in all of its history, israel never once engaged in a war on its neighbors? In all of its wars, it was militarily attacked by the Palestinian and Arab countries. How does this even remotely similar to Russia? Also, did Ukraine tried to eliminate Russia in multiple occasions?


AYidInMokum t1_j28dy0w wrote

Six day war. Israel preemptively attacked.

I've no hatred of Israel, i have family there and would happily flee there if shit got bad for my people where i live, lets not distort history.

That said, this article is clickybait almost every world leader give congratulations to others for elections. My favorite will always been when Berlusconi congratulated America on electing a well sun tanned president.


needle-roulette t1_j2a2hj8 wrote

should i remind you israel and pushed people out of their homes then they build housing settlements with residents armed with assault rifles and private army's?