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Alkdmani t1_j28745z wrote

This is a weird thing to be prideful of, considering Israel obtained Nukes in secret and for decades kept denying existence of their nuke heads.

But yeah lets take pride in a nation violating sovereignty of another, instead of Idk diplomacy? which has worked under Obama and showed Iran was willing to work with international communities in-regards to their program.

Edit: And seeing how Israel for decades have been claiming Iran are 2-3 years away from nukes, and under last deal with Iran, it was shown they were no where near that.... It does cast huge shadow of a doubt on what Israel has been claiming.


Feisty-Juan t1_j29bzn7 wrote

Fuck irans sovereignty! They’re a fascist/ religious zealot government that openly kills its own people and publicly executes them so they can instill fear into them! Love Oboma but he made mistakes. He didn’t stand up to Russia when they invaded Ukraine and made a deal with Iran that couldn’t be verified because Iran didn’t allow proper inspections of their nuclear facilities. They’re not trying to build nuclear power plants! If you believe that then you’re an F-ing infant! Look how well all tha diplomacy worked in Russia! And China! I’m not being prideful about Israel handling there business! I’m just glad for once a country that has a problem is taking care of it and not involving the U.S. in it! Anyone who side’s with the Iranian government is someone who’s opinions are a complete waste of time! Your POV is ignorant and a sad example of claiming to grasp a difficult situation in the real world! Go pound sand!