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Zucc_Boi_ t1_j28ygky wrote

Jews don't need an enemy to keep existing, but okay. That's like saying blacks need whites to keep existing, or vice versa.


Tduhon t1_j28zqzf wrote

I’m talking about the governments.

I think it would be hard to argue that foreign policy isn’t the wedge issue that keeps the Israeli right wing in power.


Zucc_Boi_ t1_j290cda wrote

It really isn't. In terms of foreign policy, Israel's center-left governments were consistently better performing, and that includes Iran as a threat. In case you're not following, Israel's right wing parties' PR is dominantly focused on internal security, with 2nd place being playing on the feelings of the poor.

Iran is a serious threat to Israel, not a boogeyman. Hence every party takes a strong stance vs it.