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AmethystOrator OP t1_j1zs2g4 wrote


> Finland’s first floating liquefied natural gas terminal was moored Wednesday at the southern port of Inkoo where it will supply gas to the Nordic country that was cut off from Russian gas imports earlier this year amid the war in Ukraine.

> The vessel will reconvert LNG to gas which will then be fed into the Finnish network for distribution. The arrival of the Exemplar will also enable gas deliveries to the Baltic states — Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania — and possibly also to Poland through the undersea Balticconnector pipeline between Finland and Estonia that runs near Inkoo.

> Gazprom’s move marked a likely end to Finland’s nearly 50 years of importing natural gas from Russia. The two parallel Russia-Finland natural gas pipelines were launched in 1974.


Hardly_lolling t1_j22w7bg wrote

Important fact to note on this news: overall and specially consumer usage of gas is low in Finland. It is mainly used by industry.

To put in perspective in cubic feet per capita US usage is at 85, Germany at 35 and Finland 17.


NevermindIcebergs t1_j24xxsl wrote

On the whole, you might be right with those numbers, but the people who do use gas at home are almost completely dependent on it for heating during the winter. There's been a waiting list of over a year for people trying to convert to other systems and I saw air pumps being installed in most houses in our area in summer.

So overall demand might be less now but this is big news for many households.


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AmethystOrator OP t1_j22bndq wrote

> is scheduled to be operational from the beginning of 2023.


HouseOfSteak t1_j22sc5v wrote

So 3 days?


RSCiscoRouter t1_j230zsv wrote

Its not really... produced. Its a ship


JackfruitComplex8856 t1_j23up9d wrote

He meant operation, I suppose, though the two terms are often used somewhat interchangeably by industries.


karaps t1_j240omp wrote

Pretty much, the contract was signed half a year ago and they've spent the time since both constructing the shore connection and some modifications to the ship itself so it can handle better the northern climate.

It's also carrying its first gas cargo load with it so it should be able to start feeding gas into the network pretty fast.