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[deleted] t1_j1zv9sr wrote



Ehldas t1_j1zvmd9 wrote

>As Moscow has cut off electricity exports to Finland — also in May — and the Finnish state-controlled oil company Neste has replaced imports of Russian crude oil with other sources, Finland’s energy ties with Russia are now all but gone.

Looks like that train has already left the station, never to return.


Bartsimp456 t1_j22cmex wrote

Did they not cut it off because of sanctions?


Ehldas t1_j233pnr wrote

They unilaterally cut gas delivery, breaking their contracts.

Gas was not sanctioned.


JPR_FI t1_j1zzyna wrote

Second allegory with bicycle and train, must be some new script from the troll factory. Don't worry, the floating terminal will serve Finlands needs just fine.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_j20rcol wrote

Fortunately natural gas was only 6% of their power source so it is pretty easy to replace with their new ten year LNG contract.


imafraidofmuricans t1_j204dai wrote

I replaced a 7 min train commute with a 1h bike ride for a while. Entirely reasonable, sometimes.