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Jerrymoviefan3 t1_j20q7hs wrote

Finland has 0% of the world’s natural gas reserves so they have no output to increase.


Anthrax_g23 t1_j20bcmf wrote

Likely 3 reasons would be because that makes them a bigger target which they are currently very aware of their border situation with Russia, it also would require resources to convert more LNg which they don’t currently possess to be produced rapidly and 3 the infrastructure to pump it further is probably limited in some way beyond the aforementioned countries


External-Platform-18 t1_j20u1vn wrote

Why don’t solar farms increase output and then we won’t need gas? Why don’t farms increase output then nobody will starve?

Things don’t work like that.


Alt-One-More t1_j20bfta wrote

"Why dont we take the gas and just move it where needed?"


SpaceTabs t1_j20iyuy wrote

Looks like there are 10 of these ships from Excelerate. Also Finland is paying almost $500 million for a 10-year contract. That's for 5.5 million people. It's probably less expensive for many countries to do what Germany is doing and setup your own gasport like Argentina. There's other companies in the area developing similar facilities for liquid ammonia storage.


MissDiem t1_j21p17m wrote

This isn't a port for Finland to export natural gas, it's a barge that's used to receive gas shipments from other countries.