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Tricky_Escape_3827 t1_j21a0z2 wrote

There is under sea pipe line called Balticconnector so this will supply gas to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania also if needed. Lithuania is connected to Poland so gas supply can be transported there where it is needed.


Mythemind t1_j21d7qp wrote

Lithuania already has LNG terminal, so combination of all these things will hopefully end all dependance from Russia.


Own-Link633 t1_j22ozi8 wrote

Until Russia blows it up...


Mythemind t1_j22pjl4 wrote

They're quite preoccupied - LNG infrastructure is already blowing up in Russia.


allen_abduction t1_j22sj69 wrote

That would be a direct attack on NATO members. Remember the stray Ukrainian anti-air missile from a month or two ago that hit the Polish apartment building? NATO is just LOOKING for a reason to pull the trigger.


Lamuks t1_j23bc0m wrote

I don't know why you're getting downvoted. USA and other European countries have already said they will protect Finland like a NATO member.

NATO isn't trigger happy though.


Baneken t1_j23et0j wrote

And if they do that... Thre's some VERY juicy targets in the Karelian peninsula to retaliate in kind, such as in Vyborg and Koivisto oil refineries and gas relay-stations and it's not like St.Pete itself is far from Finnish artillery POV.

Though realistically anything like that to happen would mean that diplomatically things would have already gone sideways and been gang-raped in a dark alley with a blunt object between EU/Finland & Russia.


Witcher587 t1_j21ottj wrote

Huh, as I read the news I get the impression that we in Poland have become main hub for logistics. Military base on great level.


JosephNiepce1826 t1_j23jpfa wrote

Please do a better job. When COVID hit -- you closed your borders meaning all transfer of goods stopped and the Baltics were essentially cut off from the mainland EU. We had to open shipping lines so that we could bypass the polish blockade and facilitate transportation of essential goods. I hope lessons were learned.


JackfruitComplex8856 t1_j23v4l1 wrote

There was no "blockade", it was a restriction of people movement. It's called quarantine protocol, mate.

Also, do you want this guy to take your statement to the Polish government? Why hang this shit on a random dude just coz he's from there.

Like blaming every U.S citizen for the varied and ridiculous reasons that caused Trump to rise to power.


JosephNiepce1826 t1_j2492qb wrote

I'm not talking about restriction of people movement or even the movement of stranded people desperately trying to get back home (which was also impossible through Poland) but the movement of essential goods. Food, fuel, spare parts. You know, during a quarantine people still need to eat and stuff.

And of course we talked to the Polish government. But it took them months to figure it out. Apparently us getting fed when a crisis or natural disaster hits is none of their business. Unless new laws are made at EU level making it their business. I hope.