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CE0_of_SIMPING t1_j21h4h6 wrote

That’s just the energy side of this. EU Manufacturing is still in a bad spot. Heavy Manufacturing still needs oil (Russian crude is used for most EU manufacturing like cars, electronics, etc). It’s going to take a lot of refitting for the entire problem to be solved… (refitting EU manufacturing to a different type of crude)… b4 Germany sees its population and then economy start to decline.


The_Grinning_Reaper t1_j21l33j wrote

Russian oil accounted for 30% of EU crude imports prior to the war.


CE0_of_SIMPING t1_j21nk9q wrote

Is that supposed refute what I said?


The_Grinning_Reaper t1_j21oq64 wrote

Well, it’s not most even though biggest.


CE0_of_SIMPING t1_j21peas wrote

Seems like that 30% of total oil export (a very specific type of oil) is very crucial to the manufacturing industry in the EU… better?


krneki12 t1_j23oetc wrote

It is either losing the US markets or having cheap gas.

The choice is a no-brainer.


CE0_of_SIMPING t1_j244ipk wrote

There is no choice rn… EU manufacturing is pretty much dead until they retool their processes to weed out Russian crude.


ScoobiusMaximus t1_j24nd7v wrote

Oil is a lot easier to solve for than gas. Oil tankers are a lot cheaper than LNG ships and there are more of them.


CE0_of_SIMPING t1_j24t6rz wrote

But it’s not. If anything the energy side of the issue is the easy solve. It just takes time for LNG ports to get set up.