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allen_abduction t1_j22sj69 wrote

That would be a direct attack on NATO members. Remember the stray Ukrainian anti-air missile from a month or two ago that hit the Polish apartment building? NATO is just LOOKING for a reason to pull the trigger.


Lamuks t1_j23bc0m wrote

I don't know why you're getting downvoted. USA and other European countries have already said they will protect Finland like a NATO member.

NATO isn't trigger happy though.


Baneken t1_j23et0j wrote

And if they do that... Thre's some VERY juicy targets in the Karelian peninsula to retaliate in kind, such as in Vyborg and Koivisto oil refineries and gas relay-stations and it's not like St.Pete itself is far from Finnish artillery POV.

Though realistically anything like that to happen would mean that diplomatically things would have already gone sideways and been gang-raped in a dark alley with a blunt object between EU/Finland & Russia.