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JackfruitComplex8856 t1_j23v4l1 wrote

There was no "blockade", it was a restriction of people movement. It's called quarantine protocol, mate.

Also, do you want this guy to take your statement to the Polish government? Why hang this shit on a random dude just coz he's from there.

Like blaming every U.S citizen for the varied and ridiculous reasons that caused Trump to rise to power.


JosephNiepce1826 t1_j2492qb wrote

I'm not talking about restriction of people movement or even the movement of stranded people desperately trying to get back home (which was also impossible through Poland) but the movement of essential goods. Food, fuel, spare parts. You know, during a quarantine people still need to eat and stuff.

And of course we talked to the Polish government. But it took them months to figure it out. Apparently us getting fed when a crisis or natural disaster hits is none of their business. Unless new laws are made at EU level making it their business. I hope.