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JinDeTwizol t1_j28mu31 wrote

I totally agree and my country, Europe and more largely Westerns countries who have the experiences of history with monarchism and dictatorial regime, begin to reverse the democratic liberty thanks to PoS like Marine LePen, Viktor Orban, Donald Trump who prefer to side with the actual dictators because they can't be the one in their homeland.

I hope to see the termination of dictatorial countries in my lifetime but with extremism lovers in the most powerful one, I'm afraid to see the return of them...

Oh and don't forget the rich PoS Elon Musk & Co who want to be dictator of the economy.


dissentrix t1_j29k6bn wrote

> I hope to see the termination of dictatorial countries in my lifetime but with extremism lovers in the most powerful one, I'm afraid to see the return of them...

There's always a risk, but if you want to be optimistic, keep in mind that never has humankind been so interconnected and aware of what's going on in the world, compared to any other point in history. People criticize the Internet and social networks, but the fact remains that, thanks to them, anyone in Canada, or the US, or France, or even Russia, can see the injustices happening in places like Iran; and although disinformation circulates more freely, the flipside of that is that knowledge(and truth) is also easier to research, share, and learn. We already saw these networks playing a huge role in the Arab Spring - and while that was only questionably "successful", ultimately the more we progress, and the more people are exposed to the outside world, and different cultures, the more things will improve.

This is the reason that things like gay rights, or religious freedom, have become more widely accepted worldwide; younger generations are exposed to these concepts, learn why they're valuable and what intellectual discussions they can have around them, including from their own geographical cultural perspectives compared to others, and it thus becomes easier to transmit to future generations those values and discussions.

And, on the other hand, while the reactionaries do still exist, and sometimes use increasingly violent means to conserve power (or regress society), they are increasingly viewed as an aberration, by an increasing number of people. It becomes a whole lot harde to take over, introduce fascism, and destroy people's rights, if your basic premise is: "these things that you newer generations have learned are essential freedoms, and great ways to increase your standard of living, well we're taking that away and going back to a state that you know is worse".

So yes, things are improving, very slowly, despite the two, four, or eight steps back that some would like to take (or are currently taking).


JinDeTwizol t1_j29ww5g wrote

That very wise of you and i share your point of view, things like the war in Ukraine make me fear the worst (my education teach me that war would never been seen again in Europe because of the -not perfect- unity we build) BUT this is a way to build a better futur in some way.

Thanks you for your words fellow human !


biggKIDD0 t1_j2a5bvi wrote

yeah if only the fundamental knobheads and their cpuwashed whataboutism republic army backed off it would be alot faster


atomicxblue t1_j29wkd7 wrote

It has felt like it was the last party for the crazy fringe right across the planet. Multiple countries have elected leaders with dictatorial bents.