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AcaAwkward t1_j28nxvf wrote

Nice to see for a change Iranians focusing their energy to topple their own tyranical regime instead of burning US flags and chanting "death to America". I hope they can make it to the other side and flush the madmen in charge.


--Ary t1_j29nyt0 wrote

Neither those chants nor those flag burnings was as common as you'd think, it was mostly government supporters and others were forced to do it in different forms and government controlled media would air it proudly as their propaganda. it's a common misconception that "Iranians hate west or US and want to destroy it"


biggKIDD0 t1_j2a6usq wrote

there is a saying sow discord and sit back on throne and rule


jphistory t1_j2a5vml wrote

What you're discussing was propaganda magnified tenfold in order to justify invading Iraq and Afghanistan. It was part of a campaign of othering aimed at dehumanizing vast swathes of people a d blaming them for the collapse of the twin towers, and it resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. The Iranian people are brave and facing death for their dissent and this isn't the first time they have faced down a brutal regime that would make our little proto fascists crap their pants.

I support the Iranian people and so should you.