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who_said_I_am_an_emu t1_j29xvzw wrote

Yes, you definitely convinced me.

When people tell you what they are about you should listen. The Iranian government makes no secret about it's relationship with Islam.


biggKIDD0 t1_j2a6e5p wrote

its both and prolly more that we don't know, bunch of power hungry knobheaded radical liars they are who use brainwash in peace times and kill children in distressed times


who_said_I_am_an_emu t1_j2a9usb wrote

Why is the idea that ideas matter so distressing to people?

If I went around telling people that I hate some race and then attacked a person of that race, I am confident someone on the internet will say "the real reason was because of x, not his racism".

Iran leadership continues to tell us, over and over and over again, what they want and we keep getting bothered by it and want some deep hidden meaning because the very concept that what we believe impacts our life is upsetting. I truly do not know what the motivation for this is, and I have done it myself.

Ideas matter, beliefs matter, they make us act differently.


biggKIDD0 t1_j2afvnb wrote

of course setting our entire life based on a single label or teachings are foolish and distressing, much more if it's based in a senile anti-freedom mf who believes in only his interpretation of a book and verbal texts in the 7th century so he can and should rape captive humans because they are apparently nothing but trophys of war in which they are against evil kids who are fighting God plus kills unarmed humans for stepping up to condem the killings of women with "wrong sense of fashion choices" and thinks he is in power because God is with him...

yeah that's alot of killing and its just like their books and scripture, ahadith, etc and the most beautiful parts are Enunciation of the heavenly virgin beautys for the faithful... yes there are harmless ones too but the gov is like this.