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biggKIDD0 t1_j2a405j wrote

yes the i.r. heads says the protests are just american and uk goons and they are trying to deceive youth, like its a fairytale shit, but I dare them to hold open Referendum let people freely choose for themselves, how they wanna live and how much they want these artworks we will see how many will get killed because of fuckin fashion choices and how many children die because of not agreeing to your religion


CowardNomad t1_j2a8xzn wrote

I agree. I remember back in October the regime was claiming that they’re protecting Iran’s culture from corruption and shit… Then someone pointing out the obvious, "if hijab was part of Iran’s culture, it wouldn’t need enforcing". Laconic, but it really show how absurd this whole thing is. Destruction of a people’s intelligentsia, suppression of a people’s culture, violence as the first response towards almost any resistance, these all remind me something. This is incredible, through sheer religious fanaticism, the Ayatollah regime is somehow behaving exactly like foreign colonisers… in their own freaking land!