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utsports88 t1_j2eowe4 wrote

So we’re suppose to attack a hostile nation because they fired a missile into the sea? Your orange ex president also wouldn’t do shit so sit the fuck down.


Bsmooth13 t1_j2eqdnm wrote

Why even bothering responding to a post written by a person with the username u/I-Luv-Lil-Kids and expecting any level of intelligence?


utsports88 t1_j2eqn6e wrote

Trust me I expected absolutely zero intelligence. Especially when the subject is completely changed immediately. Small child syndrome.


SeaRaiderII t1_j2ep50u wrote

Just because someone doesn't like Biden doesn't mean they support Trump. It's not black and white my guy


utsports88 t1_j2epjol wrote

Typically true, but I’ve come to realize that the people who are too much of a pussy to say what they really mean (Fuck Joe Biden) and instead hide behind “Let’s Go Brandon” are typically Orange followers.


The_Rex_Regis t1_j2er2ci wrote

Not picking a side here but the "lets go brandon" became a thing because the news reporter tryed to censor the people yelling "fuck Joe biden" then it just because the perfect example of the media trying to censor them like they always claim they do


FOlahey t1_j2eqxq9 wrote

I call the man Joe Brandon around my house and to my family on the phone. I voted for Brandon. I knew Brandon would suck. I don't like the way the current government works, and I empathize with the Trump supporters that just wanted change, but they are devoid of proper human empathy and live too integrated to their own egos. Trump supporters and blind Democrats are both just responding to biological stimuli and social conditioning. Fuck Joe, Fuck Trump. Fuck any drone striking civilians domestic or abroad, and fuck anyone putting kids in cages.


[deleted] t1_j2ep2pl wrote



utsports88 t1_j2epb63 wrote

Lol really? That’s the best you have? But since you asked, it’s already back at 90% movement and he’s looking forward to making more money then you’ll ever see. How’s your moms basement?