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Kaysic OP t1_j2fiv18 wrote

>how far will inertial nav get them?

Within 1km. And that's just what the SCUDS built in the 70s had.

>They haven't shown off any nukes. They just did big booms underground.

No, there's been KCNA broadcasts sitting KJU touring nuclear facilities where they showed the alleged warheads.


Merluner t1_j2fqvev wrote

Even the low-tech guidance systems required enourmous manufacturing skills that far exceed the papier-maché skills of NK.

Weird that you'd so easily consume their news clips as fact-based.


Kaysic OP t1_j2frqhm wrote

No, they don't. North Korea has been exporting SCUD missiles since the 80s. They, demonstrably, have the tech to build them.

They have also demonstrated higher accuracy missiles that indicate satnav integration. This isn't a hypothetical, it is a "There is video and civilian satellite imagery confirming it."