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Peasant_Stockholder t1_j2epfot wrote

N. Korea is like the guy who wants you to throw the 1st punch while yelling in your face. Sad fat little man.


LamhDheargUladh t1_j2f6c3z wrote

Just made me think of The Interview. Gonna stick it on now. Thanks 👊


Super_Duper_Shy t1_j2f0eci wrote

The US already threw the first punch with the Korean War. They were also the first ones to bring nuclear weapons to the Korean Peninsula, and they have been openly calling for the destruction of North Korea for years while ignoring any attempt for peace.


domine18 t1_j2f2kf7 wrote

Huh? You can objectively say America should probably not have been there in the first place. But first punch??? North Korea said we want South Korea to be communist. America said we will help to make that not happen. Do not cross this line North. They crossed it and the Korean War started. It was handled poorly and all that. But first punch???? Really????


Super_Duper_Shy t1_j2f8lhs wrote

After Japan was kicked out of Korea people in both the north and south started developing their own democratic systems. Then the US arbitrarily divided the country at the 38th parallel, and established a military occupation in the south. This occupation destroyed the democratic institutions that had been set up, and kept officials and collaborators from the Japanese colonial government in power. Then the US installed a dictator to rule the south. Syng-man Rhee made it his mission to suppress and kill anyone he thought might be socialist. Given that context I don't think it was that North Korea was trying to force anything on the south, but that they were trying to drive an occupying force out of their country, like they had done with the Japanese.


domine18 t1_j2fdrcj wrote

You are correct in that they wanted to drive out a force from “their” country. Much in the same way Russia wants to drive a force from “their” country in ukraine. They invaded. Japan gave up control in 1945. Leaving a vacuum for power differing opinions took root. Communism in the north( supported by USSR) and Democracy in the south (supported by USA). They were all Koreans but had different ideologies. America wanted to support a budding new democracy and stop the advancement of communism. A line was created in 1945 after WWII at the 38th parallel agreed by America and USSR to separate the two ideologies that both countries supported. Then June 25, 1950 North Korea crossed the line invading South Korea. And kicked off the Korean War.


Super_Duper_Shy t1_j2fkmeu wrote

If the US was trying to support democracy then why did they destroy the people's councils that had been established in the south, fill the government and police force with former Japanese collaborators, and install a dictator in Syngman Rhee? And then after Rhee was eventually overthrown, why did the US support the military juntas that came into power?


domine18 t1_j2fn490 wrote

As I said, they did a bad job of it. I am not arguing that the USA did a good job. But to say the USA provoked or threw the first punch is just wrong.


Super_Duper_Shy t1_j2foo0y wrote

Actively suppressing democracy is not doing a bad job of supporting democracy, it is actively suppressing democracy.


WatRedditHathWrought t1_j2fgujf wrote

So, let me get this straight, you think the United States, all on its own, decided that the commies could have the northern part of the Korean Peninsula? Is that what you think?


Super_Duper_Shy t1_j2floiw wrote

The facts are that the USSR and the Korean people (many of them being led by Kim Il Sung) were the ones who drove Japan out of Korea. The US didn't want the USSR to have influence in all of Korea so they drew a line at the 38th parallel. The USSR agreed to that line because they didn't see it as a hill they wanted to die on (they didn't want to chance a war with the US since they had just lost 27 million people in WWII).


lumach68 t1_j2f3ow9 wrote

You post often condemning the US and other “capitalist” countires and praise the USSR, China, and North Korea, and openly make false statements such as this one, tell me how you think north Korea invading the south was not the first punch. The whole reason there was two in the first place was under Japanese occupation it got invaded by the USSR and the US on both sides. And the only reason there’s two now is China didn’t allow North Korea to get conquered. So if you wanna go back further to prove it then you can’t blame solely the US. Please do not respond with communist or North Korean apologetics, you cannot tell me in good faith North Korea is in any realm better than the south. I feel for the people forced to live in that nightmare.

Edit: Autocorrect changed a word


Super_Duper_Shy t1_j2f95zg wrote

You said it yourself when you said China didn't let North Korea get conquered. The US wanted to conquer all of Korea, and the "first punch" was when the US arbitrarily divided the country, and conquered the south.


lumach68 t1_j2fjch6 wrote

The North wanted to conquer all of South Korea, it invaded to do as much. The UN was defending a sovereign nation from being invaded. Go live in North Korea and see if you enjoy your time there, instead of South Korea, such a horrible fate that befell upon them by the big bad US. /s If you couldn’t tell. The line was also agreed upon by both the US and the USSR. Unless of course you’re implying the USSR had to bend to the will of the United States and accept such a divide. I’m sure based on what you’ve been saying that’s what you meant. The line was meant to be a temporary measure, but the Cold War prolonged that and know here we are 77 years later. After this response if you reply back with willfully incorrect history or outright lies I will ignore it.


VideogamerDisliker t1_j2fnniw wrote


I think you mean liberate, in the same way North Vietnam wanted to liberate the south


Super_Duper_Shy t1_j2fn2lh wrote

The south was not a sovereign country, they were being ruled by a US installed dictator who was killing many of his own people (look up the Jeju Uprising for one example). I'm not talking about living in North Korea today, I'm talking about the Korean War and the history of US aggression and the influences that has. North Korea was objectively more free and prosperous than South Korea until the fall of the Soviet Union. You have to remember that after Syngman Rhee was overthrown South Korea was ruled by a military junta until the 80s.


why_cant_you_read t1_j2f10m2 wrote

Personally, I'd be more concerned about how Poseidon is going to react to this. I haven't seen any comments from him or a representative of the Sea Kingdom, but I'm sure it will not be pleasant.


sintos-compa t1_j2f6k0p wrote

I love the smell of burning tankies in the morning


Super_Duper_Shy t1_j2fkrd4 wrote

Is that a reference to how much napalm the US used on the Korean people? If so that's pretty sick to joke about genocide like that.


tugnasty t1_j2eqz0o wrote

When will their endless hostility towards the sea finally come to an end?


seph2o t1_j2ergjj wrote

Fuck dolphins


1975kilroy t1_j2ext3i wrote

Well, they are known to be a bit into rapey, so maybe you can get lucky with them?


Scottishchicken t1_j2esnf4 wrote

Maybe Atlantis is real and NK is the only nation that knows, and they have been firing into the North Sea for years fighting the fishmen.


ghtuy t1_j2fr9wi wrote

> North Sea

Some missiles they've got to routinely bombard the North Sea.


Heisenberg4028 t1_j2empid wrote

That’s kinda maybe technically a new years firework. Kinda expensive tho


Kaysic OP t1_j2emx7n wrote

Seeing as it's 0330 in Korea... Happy New Year?


88PaK43 t1_j2eqspx wrote

Poor fish, what have they done wrong to Korea?


soulwolf1 t1_j2eyr1q wrote

The East sea now??!! No water is safe and now we will never get our Earths Aquaman


Otto_Maller t1_j2f4jc6 wrote

Supreme and great leader, waves continue to attack the shore.

Have you stopped yelling at the waves???

No your wise and benevolent awesomeness, we continue to conscript all males over the age of 80 to maintain our verbal line of defense.

And still the waves attack??? What of our glorious ballistic missiles? Surely they will bring the waves to their dogged knees!

Yes your exuberance! We shall launch them directly into the sea!


istandabove t1_j2erecc wrote

We get it you’re sad that Russia is getting clapped.



So is NK only posturing or are they trying to learn the math for ballistic missiles? Isn’t that the stuff that’s classified by governments that have the tech? Seems like that’s a much greater concern. Once they figure that out, then they can drop payloads from the sky and that could be nukes or even just dirty bombs.


Kaysic OP t1_j2f7f27 wrote

>So is NK only posturing or are they trying to learn the math for ballistic missiles?

They already do, as demonstrated by these or the 73 launches in 2022.

People keep treating North Korea like it's still 2002.


Vannilazero t1_j2fi0fd wrote

Just new year’s fireworks /s


Law_Doge t1_j2f2ykp wrote

Modern day Caligula


Merluner t1_j2fby6q wrote

They don't have any real guidance system.

They can't make a nuke that can fit on them.

They can't sustainably compost enough of their dead citizens to make fuel for the rockets.


Kaysic OP t1_j2fdkjz wrote

>they don't have a guidance system

They regularly demonstrate the ability to strike a 100m-sixed island off their coast. And, even assuming they had no tech more advanced than the SCUDS they had in the 90s... inertial navigation is still enough to get a 1km CEP.

>can't miniaturize nukes

The nukes they've shown off are of adequate size to fit on their larger missiles at least. Again, assuming they've made exactly no progress at all, which is groundless.

>They can't sustainably compost enough of their dead citizens to make fuel for the rockets.

I mean, they launched more missiles in 2022 than any other year before it despite all of the economic lockdown of COVID, do maybe they do have some secret peasant compost.


Merluner t1_j2fib0j wrote

How far will inertial nav get them to a target?

They haven't shown off any nukes. They just did big booms underground.

No covid protections means they're banking on a lot of methane from those pesky citizens dying of starvation.


Kaysic OP t1_j2fiv18 wrote

>how far will inertial nav get them?

Within 1km. And that's just what the SCUDS built in the 70s had.

>They haven't shown off any nukes. They just did big booms underground.

No, there's been KCNA broadcasts sitting KJU touring nuclear facilities where they showed the alleged warheads.


Merluner t1_j2fqvev wrote

Even the low-tech guidance systems required enourmous manufacturing skills that far exceed the papier-maché skills of NK.

Weird that you'd so easily consume their news clips as fact-based.


Kaysic OP t1_j2frqhm wrote

No, they don't. North Korea has been exporting SCUD missiles since the 80s. They, demonstrably, have the tech to build them.

They have also demonstrated higher accuracy missiles that indicate satnav integration. This isn't a hypothetical, it is a "There is video and civilian satellite imagery confirming it."


MrZeven t1_j2esdes wrote

Take that East Sea! Your reign of terror is at an end now that N. Korea is here. (Insert generic superhero music. With stock video of crowds cheering)


comicsemporium t1_j2f81c4 wrote

Look at me, we are relevant.

No you’re not


Troofbetold2592 t1_j2fg8fg wrote

Man these guys really are going to make Godzilla real, I swear!


Codeboy3423 t1_j2fi18r wrote

One of these days N.Korea is actually gonna hit something and be that person that says "oh shit!" And runs away.


therealhamster t1_j2fko0u wrote

My theory is aliens live in the ocean and North Korea is protecting us all under the guise of hostility towards the west


g0rd0- t1_j2fnd1y wrote

Happy new year to you too kimmy


tangcameo t1_j2fpb2l wrote

Hoping they eventually run out.


00Koch00 t1_j2ft8jy wrote

Man North Korea are gonna run out of missiles if they keep doing that ...


New_Kiwi6729 t1_j2fw39p wrote

North koreas reaction to getting a missile shot down would be the suprised cat meme


taoyx t1_j2fwbpi wrote

I guess they are not afraid of Poseidon sending a sea monster at them for attacking the sea.


[deleted] t1_j2eoakh wrote



utsports88 t1_j2eowe4 wrote

So we’re suppose to attack a hostile nation because they fired a missile into the sea? Your orange ex president also wouldn’t do shit so sit the fuck down.


Bsmooth13 t1_j2eqdnm wrote

Why even bothering responding to a post written by a person with the username u/I-Luv-Lil-Kids and expecting any level of intelligence?


utsports88 t1_j2eqn6e wrote

Trust me I expected absolutely zero intelligence. Especially when the subject is completely changed immediately. Small child syndrome.


SeaRaiderII t1_j2ep50u wrote

Just because someone doesn't like Biden doesn't mean they support Trump. It's not black and white my guy


utsports88 t1_j2epjol wrote

Typically true, but I’ve come to realize that the people who are too much of a pussy to say what they really mean (Fuck Joe Biden) and instead hide behind “Let’s Go Brandon” are typically Orange followers.


The_Rex_Regis t1_j2er2ci wrote

Not picking a side here but the "lets go brandon" became a thing because the news reporter tryed to censor the people yelling "fuck Joe biden" then it just because the perfect example of the media trying to censor them like they always claim they do


FOlahey t1_j2eqxq9 wrote

I call the man Joe Brandon around my house and to my family on the phone. I voted for Brandon. I knew Brandon would suck. I don't like the way the current government works, and I empathize with the Trump supporters that just wanted change, but they are devoid of proper human empathy and live too integrated to their own egos. Trump supporters and blind Democrats are both just responding to biological stimuli and social conditioning. Fuck Joe, Fuck Trump. Fuck any drone striking civilians domestic or abroad, and fuck anyone putting kids in cages.


[deleted] t1_j2ep2pl wrote



utsports88 t1_j2epb63 wrote

Lol really? That’s the best you have? But since you asked, it’s already back at 90% movement and he’s looking forward to making more money then you’ll ever see. How’s your moms basement?