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kgro t1_j2a97d3 wrote

The guy was with FSB, which means he’s been enjoying the power his agency has over the common citizens. He was a part of the organisation that is instrumental in the autocratic regime of Russia, but now suddenly he’s realised that his ass is on the line? Fuck that guy. Let him taste the taste of his own medicine


cyclefreaksix t1_j2a9ood wrote

He's about to get a taste of something...


Yardsale420 t1_j2abahi wrote

Lead and copper


rodclutcher101 t1_j2ac5kq wrote

Hot tungsten


Vladius28 t1_j2c5r86 wrote

That does not happen in Russian prisons!


Shurqeh t1_j2cy8lo wrote

The article is wrong, he wasn't FSB he was FGS (or FSO).

FGS pffocer who escaped Russia to Kazakhstan to be deported to home country Yearning for asylum

The difference? While the FSB, in addition to being the secret service, is basically running the mobilization and as such is exempt to it (which should be a good clue as to why this guy can't be FSB). The FGS, or Federal Guard Service, is involved in providing protection for politicians and controlling the nuclear briefcase.


kgro t1_j2cye1a wrote

This fact doesn’t change in the slightest my sentiment towards the guy. Fuck him


CaptainCAAAVEMAAAAAN t1_j2d0siy wrote

So what, all Russians are bad Russians now? The guy fled with his family because he knew war was coming, and he wanted no part of it (at least that's what it sounds like).


Main-Yoghurt5127 t1_j2fpo91 wrote

All Russians serving in state security agencies are bad? Yeah, pretty much.


kgro t1_j2d13pe wrote

No, he didn’t want to be part of meat send to the meat grinder. Make no mistake, he has joined the forces because he thought being a meat grinder will make him comfy.

My comment clearly did not address all Russians, only those, who chose to serve the position of power as long as they could enjoy better position at the expense of others. Fuck them!


GoofyKalashnikov t1_j2d6ffa wrote

That's how the world works? People enjoy a better position at the expense of others and i highly doubt you're ready to go live with some rural african tribes and give away all your current luxuries


kgro t1_j2d6sbf wrote

Yep, that’s how the world works — he makes morally questionable decisions and I am not obliged to feel sad for him paying the price for his decisions. Fuck him


GoofyKalashnikov t1_j2d7bw8 wrote

You say it like you know him personally and have a massive moral high ground lmfao


kgro t1_j2d7fv7 wrote

Dude, I know tons of people who have suffered from the system and FSB in particular. I don’t have to hold high mir ground to condemn anyone who is a part of that system. Fuck them all


ZippyDan t1_j2d7n7x wrote

But he is not FSB


kgro t1_j2d9buf wrote

He works for siloviki. This is the price of being part of that system. Fuck them


ZippyDan t1_j2ddjxx wrote

I think you're not thinking big enough.

Don't we want people to be abandoning the system? If enough people defect, hide, and rebel, this whole mess can be over sooner.

Don't let perfection be the enemy of good. In any evil system there is a range of leaders, supporters, and cogs: true evils, true believers, sycophants, opportunists, weak-minded and weak-willed sheep, uninformed and uneducated, etc.

It's not possible to ensure that all of those people get the justice they deserve, nor is it clear what justice the lower rungs of the system deserve. Think of Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan: many culpable people escaped punishment, but it was more important that the leadership face the music and that the system fall rather than hunting down every last pencil pusher that was indirectly responsible for the abuses of the system.

Trying to hold every last person accountable no matter how peripheral their involvement just encourages the system to linger longer, because every last beauraucrat and janitor becomes invested in the continued delay of accountability. Leaders have power and the ultimate responsibility, but they are nothing if the individual cogs of their empire melt away.


kgro t1_j2dkz45 wrote

No, I am not holding him accountable. I just don’t feel compassion for him being thrown to die back to the system that he served that has led to demise of many innocent victims. Fuck him


ZippyDan t1_j2dlzuo wrote

It's not about feeling sorry. It's about the message it sends. My point is that he serves as an example to others who might want to flee. The more failures there are, the more these low-level cogs will feel trapped, and therefore desperate to see the regime pull off a win.


StannisG t1_j2bwfsa wrote

He’s going to taste defenestration with a side of hotel window and a sprinkle of concrete.


CaptainCAAAVEMAAAAAN t1_j2d0m0i wrote

> Zhilin was a shift supervisor in the special communications and information department of the FSB in the Siberian Federal District and was responsible for Putin's communications with the regions.

He sounds low level. idk if he was a "bad guy", but one thing is for sure; Russia will torture him to death and then try and get his wife and kids returned so they can be tortured to death.


AfterDusk t1_j2c36og wrote

I don't think the article specifies which part of the FSB he was in. He might have not been in the intelligence/state surveillance arm. He could very well have been in the border patrol/coast guard. Bottom line is it is unclear if he enjoyed or was part of the exploitation of the common citizens.


nuttyalmond t1_j2cctu8 wrote

It does. You just didn't read it.


AfterDusk t1_j2cdwlc wrote

Yeah found it. I missed that part. Thank you for the heads up!


kgro t1_j2cn8dd wrote

Joining FSB means he wanted to enjoy the privileged position. The price of that is much higher then he thought


baron_von_helmut t1_j2bi2tq wrote

Says something about their ability to get willing bodies to the meat grinder.


Sunchild381 t1_j2czfvc wrote

Initially felt sorry for him,rrad your post, changed my mind.. Send him to the front!


ScienceFactsNumbers t1_j2alno9 wrote

In his defense, I wouldn’t want to die in Ukraine for Putin either.


O_o-22 t1_j2cv2ju wrote

Yea I feel a modicum of sympathy for him. But it was all fun and games from a vaunted position till he he was going to be forced to put his own life on the line. No one cares how shitty a policy is till it fucks them in the ass.


LisaMikky t1_j2ee1zd wrote

🗨No one cares how shitty a policy is till it fucks them in the ass.🗨

Decent people DO care.


kgro t1_j2en4yg wrote

Which brings us to the conclusion that he most probably wants a decent person


SunsetKittens t1_j2as6bk wrote

>It will hurt Kazakhstan’s image “very hard,” Zhovtis said, but Kazakh authorities apparently “believe that the conflict with Russia is much more serious.”

Here's your agent back. Please continue ignoring us while you wreck yourself in Ukraine.


justforthearticles20 t1_j2ah56b wrote

Well, if he was supposed to be an FSB spy, and got caught and deported, he faces being worked to death or execution. If he was just fleeing his duty, he faces being worked to death or execution.


Shurqeh t1_j2cyntf wrote

It's interesting. This article refers to him as an FSB agent looking to dodge the draft which is pretty funny given that the FSB are running the draft.

Novaya Gazeta (Russian opposition paper .. EIC is last years nobel peace price winner) listed this guy as FGS (or FSO) which is distinct to the FSB (The FSO's most well known tasks are providing protection details for politicians and controlling the nuclear briefcase)

Novaya Gazeta source


Shurqeh t1_j2cwl2r wrote

he was in communications. basically spent all day answering phonecalls


degotoga t1_j2avu2k wrote

I’ll never understand why so many people support the deportation of draft dodgers


No-Ask7043 t1_j2b0k6p wrote

He’s a fucking Russia. spy who fled his obligations of his highly privileged position, he’s not a draft dogger avoiding conscription on humanitarian or ethical reasons. Live by the sword die by the sword,


degotoga t1_j2b3zw3 wrote

You either read a different article than I did or you’re inventing quite a lot. The article says that the Russian government pressured Kazakstan to return him


falconzord t1_j2bsx0j wrote

Doesn't Kazakhstan have an open border with Russia? What are the grounds for his deportation?


degotoga t1_j2bwbg5 wrote

> Zhilin had to cross the border illegally because as an FSB officer he was not allowed to leave the country. He asked for political asylum in Kazakhstan, but his request was rejected and he was arrested.

> Zhovtis believes that Kazakhstan was under pressure to extradite Zhilin to Russia and described it as a “sad situation,” implying that Zhilin is being "handed over simply to die."


falconzord t1_j2bx53e wrote

I read the article, but I don't understand why Kazakhstan is bending here, it was illegal from the Russian perspective, not Kazakh.


mighty_worrier t1_j2d2ize wrote

Because if you aren't allowed to cross the border at a checkpoint you cross elsewhere illegally thereby violating the law in both countries.


Circle_Trigonist t1_j2e21rz wrote

So you're saying the preferable outcome for Ukraine is for every member of Russia's security service to keep swinging swords at Ukrainians rather than have them avoid doing that?


Shurqeh t1_j2cytha wrote

He might not be a spy.

Novaya Gazeta has him listed as being in the FGS not the FSB, which either makes him some politicians meat shield or the guy carrying the nuclear briefcase


PeaWordly4381 t1_j2b1nlz wrote


WikiSummarizerBot t1_j2b1p5m wrote

Just-world hypothesis

>The just-world hypothesis or just-world fallacy is the cognitive bias that assumes that "people get what they deserve" – that actions will have morally fair and fitting consequences for the actor. For example, the assumptions that noble actions will eventually be rewarded and evil actions will eventually be punished fall under this hypothesis. In other words, the just-world hypothesis is the tendency to attribute consequences to—or expect consequences as the result of— either a universal force that restores moral balance or a universal connection between the nature of actions and their results.

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taoyx t1_j2dgwbz wrote

To make it believable you need to add reincarnation to the package.


PelicanJack t1_j2btqqp wrote

Acolytes of Mussolini's philosophy worship imperialism.

Refusing to be a pawn in someone else's war is an affront to their very identity.


Yesnoman1994 t1_j2azl93 wrote

Not all but this guy deserves to be fertilizer in Ukraine


degotoga t1_j2b25iv wrote



RaiTheSly t1_j2bcwoc wrote

Because he serves in the FSB.


Aconite_72 t1_j2d9aoq wrote

This guy will be handed a gun. And before he dies, there’s a chance that he could take out a Ukrainian.

Why don’t you think of that?

Let him stay the fuck home. He’s a rat bastard but the fewer Russian there is in Ukraine, the better.


Shurqeh t1_j2cyx85 wrote

or that is a typo and he's actually in the FGS and Russia just has too many three letter organizations with an F and an S in it for the West to keep track of.


drNovikov t1_j2d0nf0 wrote

Lots of accounts on Reddit may be actually bots. Others are what KGB called "useful idiots".


ChocoTitan t1_j2asii9 wrote

This guy is getting yeeted out the window.


Le_Mew_Le_Purr t1_j2b7kdn wrote

The leopards are eating his face now.


Foe117 t1_j2cv6mw wrote

I read the article, and I don't know this guys character, but it seems that he wants "out" of Putin's war which I am fine with. Russia put his name on an international wanted list so they can force people back via Kazak. Idk why but it seems like there may be some corruption in the Kazak judicial system, he was never given his second day in court to plead his case. I wonder if the UN would Intervene.


Shurqeh t1_j2cz4h9 wrote

Since pretty much the day after the launch of the Crimean annexation in 2014, the only legal way to leave military service is once you have reached the age limit, obtain a criminal record, or be declared unfit for duty


anonk1k12s3 t1_j2cw756 wrote

Every Russian that flees is one less Russian the Ukrainians have to deal with. As much I’d like to say fuck that guy, I think it would be better if he wasn’t sent to Ukraine. Just a waste of ammo and theres alway the possibility he might get a lucky shot off.. if he doesn’t and he surrenders then he’s just another mouth to feed…


drNovikov t1_j2d09sf wrote

This is what half of Reddit wants.


Badroadrash101 t1_j2eawrc wrote

An FSB officer with morality doesn’t exist. Send them all back.


tannieth t1_j2ae8j5 wrote

I'd say he'll just mysteriously have an incident with a 3rd story window .... Windows in Russia are damn dangerous.


Superb-Judgment-6792 t1_j2akdia wrote

Yeah, fuck that guy but the window joke is getting so old.


Marjislol t1_j2au9pg wrote

How about the 2 bullets to the back of the head? In every fucking thread.


tannieth t1_j2aqnc3 wrote

Mate. It's not old! They threw another one out a window a few days ago!!


autotldr t1_j2afoal wrote

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> Northern Kosovo, where ethnic Serbs are a majority, has been on edge since November, when hundreds of ethnic Serb policemen, judges, and prosecutors walked off the job in protest at a decision by Pristina to ban the Belgrade-issued license plates inside Kosovo.

> On December 28, Kosovar authorities sought to defuse tensions, announcing the release of ethnic Serb ex-police officer Dejan Pantic, whose arrest on December 10 prompted hundreds of outraged ethnic Serbs to set up roadblocks in northern Kosovo and paralyzed traffic through two border crossings.

> Pantic, who had been arrested on suspicion of being involved in an attack on Central Election Commission officials, was to be placed under house arrest, his lawyer told RFE/RL. The EU-U.S. joint statement welcomed assurances from Kosovo that no lists of Kosovo Serb citizens to be arrested or prosecuted for holding peaceful protests or setting up barricades exist.

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