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No-Ask7043 t1_j2b0k6p wrote

He’s a fucking Russia. spy who fled his obligations of his highly privileged position, he’s not a draft dogger avoiding conscription on humanitarian or ethical reasons. Live by the sword die by the sword,


degotoga t1_j2b3zw3 wrote

You either read a different article than I did or you’re inventing quite a lot. The article says that the Russian government pressured Kazakstan to return him


falconzord t1_j2bsx0j wrote

Doesn't Kazakhstan have an open border with Russia? What are the grounds for his deportation?


degotoga t1_j2bwbg5 wrote

> Zhilin had to cross the border illegally because as an FSB officer he was not allowed to leave the country. He asked for political asylum in Kazakhstan, but his request was rejected and he was arrested.

> Zhovtis believes that Kazakhstan was under pressure to extradite Zhilin to Russia and described it as a “sad situation,” implying that Zhilin is being "handed over simply to die."


falconzord t1_j2bx53e wrote

I read the article, but I don't understand why Kazakhstan is bending here, it was illegal from the Russian perspective, not Kazakh.


mighty_worrier t1_j2d2ize wrote

Because if you aren't allowed to cross the border at a checkpoint you cross elsewhere illegally thereby violating the law in both countries.


Circle_Trigonist t1_j2e21rz wrote

So you're saying the preferable outcome for Ukraine is for every member of Russia's security service to keep swinging swords at Ukrainians rather than have them avoid doing that?


Shurqeh t1_j2cytha wrote

He might not be a spy.

Novaya Gazeta has him listed as being in the FGS not the FSB, which either makes him some politicians meat shield or the guy carrying the nuclear briefcase