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TheNevers t1_j24dr9u wrote

They won't - What you gonna do?


birdcooingintovoid t1_j266odl wrote

Same thing the UN will do, they will be very angry, they will be so angry they will send an angry letter telling how angry they are.


Nargodian t1_j29awnd wrote

The UN is not meant to do things, its meant to be a forum for international politics.


birdcooingintovoid t1_j29hwxo wrote

It a joke from team America, it references they are totally useless to stop things like these and shouldn’t rely on the UN to help issues like these


Nargodian t1_j29wsid wrote

Yar, read it in Hans "Bricks" (Blix)'s accent :P, but the in this context I just wanted to point out that the sentiment was a bit off, that's all.


Nargodian t1_j25fgui wrote

A few things come to mind:

borderline ignore

conditional aid(bribe),


back opponents to regime(diplomatically, financially, militarily),

occupy (again...),

drone strikes,


assassinate someone important(I dunno if that would really halt them that much),

nuke(might be a bit of an overreaction)

Not a lot of those are appealing or effective, so the likely course of action is to just sort of let them be whilst nudging and teasing it where you can, and hope that the situation improves it self.

Diplomacy is a complex and nuanced art, of which I know very little, so I'm sure there are more nuanced ways for changing a country situation externally(if you want too).


germane-corsair t1_j26ktw5 wrote

Doesn’t conditional aid fail because they agree to terms and then the warlords just take resources and ignore promises until it’s time to rinse and repeat?


Nargodian t1_j29a6kq wrote

That's if you pay in one lump sum, the idea is that you give it over in installments depending if the requested conditions are met and maintained. I don't know the exact balance but sometimes aid is sort of meant as a bribe. You write it up to aid the people but in reality you fully expect the local leaders to embezzle it. Its just a hard pill to swallow for the people back home, however for international politics bribery is a legitimate and important diplomatic tool.


Shurqeh t1_j25en8b wrote

We'll invade them and put them in their place!

oh wait...