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HelixFish t1_j263uij wrote

Hey folks! This is why we have the FDA. People died. Regulations were made. Literally. In 1937 a drug maker used ethylene glycol, which tastes sweet, in cough syrups for children. Unfortunately ethylene glycol is incredibly toxic, and the kids taking the medication died. Took awhile at that time to identify what the problem was. This was a new compound and medication at the time. There is no reason for this to happen in 2022. It’s either intentional or massive mismanagement. There is no non-toxic amount of ethylene glycol. That’s why if you spill antifreeze you need to clean it up or dilute it down the drain. Pets and other animals will drink it, it’s sweet tasting. Then they die.


Oilleak1011 t1_j2944ug wrote

The FDA is all fine and dandy for catching these issues. But theirs another side to the FDA. One thats corrupt with the thirst for money. That side needs restructured.


HelixFish t1_j29742o wrote

Cool. Tell me more. Which part of the FDA is that? You sound like someone that has no idea about the FDA. Links? Facts? Do you have ANY?


Oilleak1011 t1_j2a6wug wrote

Do you work for the fda or something? There are entire communities. Right here on reddit as a matter of fact. Who have been fighting against unjust FDA bans. I dont need to provide anything to you.


HelixFish t1_j2a7f73 wrote

Ah. All smoke. Can’t even link to a subreddit or use a complete sentence. No, I don’t work for the FDA. I am a scientist though with 25+ years of working experience and understand how drugs are made, developed, and how the FDA works. You?


Skeldrythe t1_j25kr37 wrote

Maybe the NRA can show the Pharmaceutical Companies how to send their thoughts and prayers.


LOA503 t1_j282xjj wrote

If CEOs were charged criminally, what a reversal of conscience that would beget.


SEA2COLA t1_j296yud wrote

"Corporations are people, my friend!" - Mitt Romney, apparently unaware that 'people' can be charged with crimes


ChanceGardener61 t1_j290wfo wrote

Really need Leverage International to be real


[deleted] t1_j25qmfr wrote

They are speeding shipments to China.


No-Marketing4632 t1_j25fcp1 wrote

For Americans who don’t know…India and Africa are testing grounds for new drugs. Sometimes it doesn’t work out.


kdubsjr t1_j25nf3t wrote

I don’t think this was the result of them testing a new drug, just bad manufacturing

> According to the ministry, the syrup was contaminated with toxic substances including ethylene glycol, a chemical used in the preparation of antifreeze.


SnooLentils4790 t1_j25yvmv wrote

Correct. The chemical was similar in taste, as documented, to what was wanted. And cheaper. But poisonous.

Added by a chemist to save money. Dumb chemist. And people died. Poor manufacturing indeed.