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anna_pescova t1_j2ekukm wrote

India receives more foreign aid ($4.2B) from the West than any country in the world (mostly from Germany and Japan). Something is wrong!


nad09 t1_j2emota wrote

India is net doner.


txrazorhog t1_j2eopsl wrote



RaChoke t1_j2ez511 wrote

yes. aid from germany included transfer of technology on how to make doner kebab. Now india exports it.


shariewayne t1_j2fjjyx wrote

> how to make doner kebab

Now, we must export the knowledge on how to write it:

Döner Kebab & Döner Dürüm


Startrail_wanderer t1_j2eyemq wrote

That's long term infrastructure soft loans (especially from Japan), not aid in the normal sense. India has stopped taking aid for any tragedies from the last 5-7 years and is now sending aid to other countries


biggKIDD0 t1_j2exm1n wrote

this world is going places my friend im telling you, honestly for all our bluffs about us being superior against nature we are deceiving ourselves as we are doing so many mistakes that even children won't...

we all have very unique hearts but instead of solving the problem in our way we, just try to stay the same and preserve status quo or fight each other over and get drowned in stimulation and simulation or noise there is almost no place for human heart and peaceable opinions, in our leaderships... almost.