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VersusYYC t1_j2ffhqn wrote

If you can't trust a highly corrupt dictator to spend money wisely who else can you trust?


DryMachine2308 t1_j2efvnn wrote

Well done, India 👏


barath_s t1_j2f0znv wrote

> Our consistent view in this regard has been that distribution of humanitarian assistance to Syrians, whether by crossline or cross-border mechanism, should be guided by needs-based assessments and not political motivations. Humanitarian assistance cannot be a matter of political expediency," she added..


urumipayattu t1_j2ez47r wrote

I am finding it really amusing how people from the west aren't able to digest the fact that nations in the east have the spine to stand up for themselves.


-Ch4s3- t1_j2f6m48 wrote

What does that even mean? India has been a nonaligned power since independence. It isn’t a surprise to anyone.


loledpanda t1_j2fatnm wrote

And what made you find that amusing? Literally no one saying that?


TheGrayBox t1_j2fermb wrote

Yeah people totally see China as a puppet huh



Nothingtoseeheremmk t1_j2fbs7y wrote

Yeah India’s doing a great job standing up for itself by…supporting genocidal dictators?


Broadpup653547 t1_j2frpyi wrote

I'm not even sure why India is bothering. Syria is about to be invaded by Turkey to cull the Kurdish presence in the area, just in time for Erdogan's approval rating to shoot back up before the election. Any money sunk into Syria right now will burn in the upcoming war.


peaceornothing t1_j2fbzyu wrote

Lmao that’s rich coming from the third wheel of the Russia-China relationship. You stand up alright and no one is trying to put you down except your neighbours. The West wishes you well.


Pale-Dot-3868 t1_j2flne2 wrote

They’ll probably take that money and turn it into a Captagon drug manufacturing plant.


GoneSilent t1_j2ex9ur wrote

How about a glass factory for these war torn countries?


Mecha-Dave t1_j2fgu9o wrote

India really doing a good job supporting fascist and oppressive governments lately. This isn't the side you want to be on, guys....


recoveringleft t1_j2fk4v6 wrote

Well there are quite a number of Indian politicians that openly admired Adolf Hitler


Mecha-Dave t1_j2fndbn wrote

Yeah, we should reconsider them as international partners. Plenty of other "low cost" regions with internet these days...


choose_an_alt_name t1_j2fuplq wrote

With then and the chinese no longer as partners that is almost half the planet you are excluding


wired1984 t1_j2fje3p wrote

Seems dumb to build this infrastructure in a war zone


choose_an_alt_name t1_j2futzr wrote

Europe doesn't think so, at least not with ukraine


wired1984 t1_j2fw3b9 wrote

It’s probably dumb to build infrastructure in Ukraine now as much as I loathe Russian aggression


creamyvegeta t1_j2fwxqi wrote

Pakistan is so much closer why not ask them?/s


Reggie_Barclay t1_j2fglu6 wrote

Because Putin said to do it.


BearNo21 t1_j2fjas9 wrote

India's military budget and economy are larger than Russia's, India is very far from being obedient to Russia out of fear, it is more likely it is the other way around


Ceratisa t1_j2epynj wrote

India really cozying up to dictators.


Startrail_wanderer t1_j2eypn1 wrote

How about extremist Hindu Government supports muslim majority dictator and helps in building their nation with their seditious agenda through scholarships and jobs

FFS I can't still believe that any positive story is spun as a negative one by reddit diplomats


MacronTheNecromancer t1_j2evo5c wrote

Syria is still unable to rebuild basic infrastructure because of western sanctions. This is good for the people.


Ceratisa t1_j2eygp7 wrote

Syria is under sanction because it did stuff like use chemical weapons on its people


Startrail_wanderer t1_j2eyxa1 wrote

So being under sanctions means humanitarian aid needs to be denied??


the_turdfurguson t1_j2f49hk wrote

This isn’t humanitarian aid, lol


Startrail_wanderer t1_j2f5rw0 wrote

Read the article, maybe?


the_turdfurguson t1_j2f5z1i wrote

> India has offered lines of credit worth USD 280 million to Syria for building a power plant and a steel plant in the country.

Loans are not humanitarian aid lol


Startrail_wanderer t1_j2f6ynh wrote

>She also said that India has been extending humanitarian, technical and developmental assistance to Syria through bilateral and multilateral channels. Consignments of food and medicines have been supplied to Syria from time to time, including during the pandemic.

Hiding on the technicalities are we?

Other sources Humanitarian aid to Syria


the_turdfurguson t1_j2f7hj4 wrote

The article is about India loaning money for steel and energy production. It wasn’t about other humanitarian aid.

You’re flailing.


Mecha-Dave t1_j2fh16b wrote

The previous power plants, and steel mills, by the way, were previously destroyed by the current regime while attempting to stay in power.


Reselects420 t1_j2fk8uw wrote



Mecha-Dave t1_j2fn9m0 wrote

Because they are evil fascists that the current government of India is propping up with foreign money?


Reselects420 t1_j2fqzyl wrote

Why did they destroy the power plants and steel mills? What did that do?


Mecha-Dave t1_j2frkqc wrote

It's a civil war, my dude, the government has been bombing anywhere there's resistance.

There was another nuclear reactor that was breeding fissile material that was destroyed by the Israeli air force.

Joudco's steel plant specifically was destroyed by the regime because "rebels" were "hiding" there.


MacronTheNecromancer t1_j2ez05u wrote

And those same people are suffering today because they can’t get building material to fix their broken shit.

What exactly do you think sanctions do? Who do you think they ultimately affect?


RazorBlade9x t1_j2f8jal wrote

The unquestionable faith some people have on their government and the media is quite astounding. Now, I can't say for sure whether he used chemical weapons, but from past experiences, it's imperative to say that any narrative coming out of the US government needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

The US government and media have been using the same old playbook of slapping human rights accusations, WMDs, chemical weapons, genocide etc. on countries it wants to toe their line.

Maybe you should also try to check what Assad has to say about it in his interviews. Just get the views from both sides.

Last time I checked there were women walking on the streets of Damascus without forced veils and without accompanied by a male. By removing Assad from Syria (one of the few secular ME countries) you're probably gonna bring ISIS there. Then it will become Afghanistan 2.0 but with much more deadlier ISIS.


Mecha-Dave t1_j2fh63s wrote

Last time I checked Damascus was a closely-protected jewel while Assad was dropping chlorine bombs on his less desirable cities.


MacronTheNecromancer t1_j2fm4vu wrote

You need to double check then cause one of the chemical attacks was in a Damascus neighborhood


Mecha-Dave t1_j2fn7fs wrote

Oh dang. Yeah, he probably shouldn't do that. Lame.


biggKIDD0 t1_j2eqmz4 wrote

geopolitics middle walking double talking shit


AGeless123AG t1_j2eqw1u wrote

The u.s. is trying it's best to not lose India it doesn't seem to be working


anna_pescova t1_j2ekukm wrote

India receives more foreign aid ($4.2B) from the West than any country in the world (mostly from Germany and Japan). Something is wrong!


nad09 t1_j2emota wrote

India is net doner.


txrazorhog t1_j2eopsl wrote



RaChoke t1_j2ez511 wrote

yes. aid from germany included transfer of technology on how to make doner kebab. Now india exports it.


shariewayne t1_j2fjjyx wrote

> how to make doner kebab

Now, we must export the knowledge on how to write it:

Döner Kebab & Döner Dürüm


Startrail_wanderer t1_j2eyemq wrote

That's long term infrastructure soft loans (especially from Japan), not aid in the normal sense. India has stopped taking aid for any tragedies from the last 5-7 years and is now sending aid to other countries


biggKIDD0 t1_j2exm1n wrote

this world is going places my friend im telling you, honestly for all our bluffs about us being superior against nature we are deceiving ourselves as we are doing so many mistakes that even children won't...

we all have very unique hearts but instead of solving the problem in our way we, just try to stay the same and preserve status quo or fight each other over and get drowned in stimulation and simulation or noise there is almost no place for human heart and peaceable opinions, in our leaderships... almost.