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Ehldas t1_j19aqbb wrote

My guess is Russia will go for a massive missile strike again on either Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day.

Purely to be as cuntish as possible.


PubliusDeLaMancha t1_j19dfwg wrote

Orthodox Christmas is January 7 on our calendar


funky_boar t1_j1cvwfn wrote

We have lots of people who celebrate in December too


iTackleFatKids t1_j1aduyh wrote

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the missile strikes somehow cause the Russian ships to sink.

One can only hope


mandalorian_guy t1_j1b1nyf wrote

Ukraine has several donated Harpoon and native Neptune missile batteries on the coast so they might be in for a surprise if they get too close.


PrimarySwan t1_j1b7w0a wrote

It's been hours since a vessel above 10000 t has caught fire, we're definetly overdue. It's really too bad Ukraine didn't get any major vessels post USSR they would be sitting ducks if Ukraine had a couple of fast well maintained destroyers. The Russian navy can't go past 15 knots. Some good old fashioned main gun duels.


EmperorArthur t1_j1bblrq wrote

Did you know that Ukraine actually scuttled their ships early in the war. When they never even lost that port...


iTackleFatKids t1_j1bjiob wrote

Did you know that Russia lost a capital ship in a war against a country that doesn’t have a navy


EmperorArthur t1_j1demiw wrote

Yep. I do think it sucks that the reason they don't have a navy is Ukraine destroyed it themselves. Those first few days were wild.


pmmichalowski t1_j1crndu wrote

Yep, Ukraine was scrambling at beginning of invasion and surprisingly militias were massive MVP, by punching above it's weight giving chance for army to organise. Ukrainian Navy on the other hand, failed badly.


boookworm0367 t1_j19bifo wrote

They have to get the news cycle back from Zelensky's visit to the States. So shit sandwich on civilians incoming.


ShepardsPrayer t1_j19gona wrote

The only Russian navy activity I enjoy hearing about is returning to home port or sinking.


dv666 t1_j1ac5qr wrote

Or catching fire in dry dock


hhaattrriicckk t1_j1c2gid wrote

or sinking that very same dry dock.


Schyte96 t1_j1dej7k wrote

Sinking in a dry dock is an impressive feat considering it's a DRY dock.


pittaxx t1_j1dmndf wrote

Dry docks can be drained/flooded intentionally, and in some cases can float.

That being said, sinking one while it's servicing your only carrier of still pretty impressive, and the world will not Russia forget it...


Madholm t1_j1btk5p wrote

Your in luck, because they are “Gillian’s Island” of naval fleets. I’m sure more zany adventures are headed our way.


rosiyaidynakher t1_j1aw7oc wrote

Would be nice if the west donates a few hundred long-range anti-ship missiles


Far_Ad_3360 t1_j1bruwy wrote

Perhaps an attack on Crimea from Ukraine? I don't think Russia would waste what's left of their sea based armament on another useless missile attack. Especially with those anti ship batteries now waiting in the shadows. The juice simply isn't worth the squeeze for a Christmas day message. It would be more likely that they would be used to shore up defenses on the peninsula and act to some degree as a shield for Russian forces/ emergency egress option.

Then again Russia has been gearing up for another run on kyiv. It would be allot sooner than expected


RuggedExecuteness t1_j1diovr wrote

Ship movement combined with the tanks gathering in the east is telegraphing another offensive attempt by RU, sadly.


arealcyclops t1_j1bukw2 wrote

Why can't they take the Neptune's out a few miles in a little dingy late at night and extend their range?


sandman8223 t1_j1bygzj wrote

I guess the navy is bored not being involved


SoUnProfessional t1_j1c613x wrote

These are ducks in the center of very hostile lake.

The Ukrainians continue to improve their drone capabilities which mean these will be targeted. Not necessarily for their strategic but their news, moral value.


Tinybuttcheeks t1_j1cq0wj wrote

Time to launch more drones and Vulcan missiles


NoNefariousness5175 t1_j1dyddg wrote

Attacks in the New Year. North, East, and South from sea. If Ukraine can withstand this, bye bye Putin.


snowfishy t1_j19m2j5 wrote

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