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macross1984 t1_j2ddjlc wrote

Unity? That's a joke after how royally he messed up Covid response.


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WSHK99 t1_j2dp5r7 wrote

For the god sake, Please stop using mutation to justify. For the country of 1.4billion people with high inflection rate, it will for sure to increase the inflection in other countries and also the demand on medical supplies.


lmvg t1_j2dsqmj wrote

This was always about to happen, that zero covid policy couldn't last forever.


WSHK99 t1_j2dv9jr wrote

The point is that China needs to prepare for zero covid before announcing it. Otherwise, 1.4 billion people will cause lots of trouble


macross1984 t1_j2dhkj1 wrote

And now he loosen the restriction and many Chinese travelers who are infected will fly out of China so that is not helping control Covid from spreading widely.

Have you read one article where 50% of passengers on one flight out of China was infected with Covid?


fit_steve t1_j2dkgif wrote

Yeah I read it but there is so much immunity already globally so these infections from China aren't going to make much of a difference.


Xyren767 t1_j2dzr7h wrote

As we enter flu season and the bottom of immune people was back in October, I'm pretty sure immunity is going to go out the window.

I'm also 90% sure that they sell negative Covid tests in China off Baidu or one of the other shops, it's why that plane in Milan had 50% positive cases. They don't DNA test Covid tests for flights, lol.

Edit: It's just a really bad time for positive cases to fly around right now.


WhichWitchIsWhitch t1_j2eviu2 wrote

That's only for viruses that rapidly kill you. Even the ones in childhood vaccine schedules kill you too slowly to become less deadly over time, and they kill people way more quickly than COVID--which takes almost 3 weeks to kill people, and sometimes only after a repeated infection

The mass exposures in China could very easily result in a variant that is both more deadly and more transmissible. Hell, all it would need to outcompete Omicron while being deadlier is a longer latency between infection and symptom onset


AVLThumper t1_j2fm342 wrote

fit_Steve has done the research obviously. /s