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Elipses_ t1_j2efaiz wrote

You know China, the way things have been going, I feel like the CCP Dynasty might, just might, have lost that whole Mandate of Heaven thing.

Maybe you ought to all see to that?


ZeroEqualsOne t1_j2f5v0n wrote

Yeah.. I think this is going to be more consequential than people realise. It might not lead to an immediate revolt against the CPP, but there is going to be a huge crack in its legitimacy across China. This isn’t like human rights abuses against a distant minority group (e.g., uyghurs) which the privileged mainstream can just choose to ignore. Almost every single family is going to lose an old person, there’s going to so much suffering by everyone over the next few months (just wait for the lunar new year when people spread infections to countryside) and if that sadness and frustration gets directed at the CPP, then the CPP has very much fucked up.


NaCly_Asian t1_j2f4v75 wrote

true. dynasties fell when lots of shit hits the fan. But the current mess started with some loosening of the restrictions shortly after the October Congress. That led to a rise in cases -> lockdowns -> protests against lockdowns -> dropping zero covid completely. I'm sure arguments are made that the people wanted no restrictions anymore.. and they got what they wanted. Now the people have to suffer the consequences of it.

Xi supporters are criticizing going from zero covid to zero restrictions so quickly. I'm thinking that the original plan was to reopen in the spring, since that would make a lot more sense than doing it during winter where people regularly catch diseases with fevers, cough, etc.


Elipses_ t1_j2fe8v5 wrote

I do believe a lot of the current criticism of the CCP from their citizens is based both on the speed of the reversal, which was a problem, but more than that, the criticisms I have seen have revolved mostly around d the fact that despite two years having passed, their medical system seems just as unprepared as they were at the start of things. Almost like they spent a ton of money on new ways to track and surveil their populace, and on expanding their military so they can beat their chests and claim to stand up to the big bad US, as opposed to preparing their nation for the realities of living with Covid.


SmartFC t1_j2f5mdf wrote

Having zero restrictions probably would've worked if 1) their vaccines were better and/or accepted more foreign vaccines, and 2) they were progressively lifted, allowing for an increasingly higher natural immunity, just like most European countries did.

Guess we're all screwed then :')


rich1051414 t1_j2flk95 wrote

Additionally, they were too heavy handed with the lockdowns initially, and the dystopian vibe reverberated as drones flew past people's windows reminding them to suppress their desire for freedom. This overly authoritarian execution directly lead to the disintegration of public discourse regarding covid policy.

If they would have instead had a bit more relaxed lockdown policy, but imported vaccines that were proven effective, they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now. Xi was too proud to do what was best for the country, and instead chose the path that maximized his control over the population.