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macross1984 t1_j2ddjlc wrote

Unity? That's a joke after how royally he messed up Covid response.


macross1984 t1_j2dhkj1 wrote

And now he loosen the restriction and many Chinese travelers who are infected will fly out of China so that is not helping control Covid from spreading widely.

Have you read one article where 50% of passengers on one flight out of China was infected with Covid?


cencorshipisbad t1_j2dmx0f wrote

New phase he means book your ticker to travel the world redux 2019 Covid epidemic. Just new variant more likely more deadly with omicron transmissibility.


WSHK99 t1_j2dp5r7 wrote

For the god sake, Please stop using mutation to justify. For the country of 1.4billion people with high inflection rate, it will for sure to increase the inflection in other countries and also the demand on medical supplies.


qainin t1_j2du7b1 wrote

Xi is ruining China.


Xyren767 t1_j2dzr7h wrote

As we enter flu season and the bottom of immune people was back in October, I'm pretty sure immunity is going to go out the window.

I'm also 90% sure that they sell negative Covid tests in China off Baidu or one of the other shops, it's why that plane in Milan had 50% positive cases. They don't DNA test Covid tests for flights, lol.

Edit: It's just a really bad time for positive cases to fly around right now.


l0gicowl t1_j2e2n68 wrote

Silly Pooh bear. Chinese 'unity' is only ever temporary. It's only a matter of time before China cracks like an egg...again


MtnMaiden t1_j2e8sk4 wrote


Due to this health crisis, I am declaring martial law. No rallies, no protesting, will be using cellphones to monitor outbreaks and quarantining people.

What Trump tried to do.


Elipses_ t1_j2efaiz wrote

You know China, the way things have been going, I feel like the CCP Dynasty might, just might, have lost that whole Mandate of Heaven thing.

Maybe you ought to all see to that?


WhichWitchIsWhitch t1_j2eviu2 wrote

That's only for viruses that rapidly kill you. Even the ones in childhood vaccine schedules kill you too slowly to become less deadly over time, and they kill people way more quickly than COVID--which takes almost 3 weeks to kill people, and sometimes only after a repeated infection

The mass exposures in China could very easily result in a variant that is both more deadly and more transmissible. Hell, all it would need to outcompete Omicron while being deadlier is a longer latency between infection and symptom onset


Startrail_wanderer t1_j2ezosy wrote

Comrade Xi needs to pay compensation for all the deaths (globally and in China due to their botched response) Share the wealth with Chinese characteristics


NaCly_Asian t1_j2f4v75 wrote

true. dynasties fell when lots of shit hits the fan. But the current mess started with some loosening of the restrictions shortly after the October Congress. That led to a rise in cases -> lockdowns -> protests against lockdowns -> dropping zero covid completely. I'm sure arguments are made that the people wanted no restrictions anymore.. and they got what they wanted. Now the people have to suffer the consequences of it.

Xi supporters are criticizing going from zero covid to zero restrictions so quickly. I'm thinking that the original plan was to reopen in the spring, since that would make a lot more sense than doing it during winter where people regularly catch diseases with fevers, cough, etc.


SmartFC t1_j2f5mdf wrote

Having zero restrictions probably would've worked if 1) their vaccines were better and/or accepted more foreign vaccines, and 2) they were progressively lifted, allowing for an increasingly higher natural immunity, just like most European countries did.

Guess we're all screwed then :')


ZeroEqualsOne t1_j2f5v0n wrote

Yeah.. I think this is going to be more consequential than people realise. It might not lead to an immediate revolt against the CPP, but there is going to be a huge crack in its legitimacy across China. This isn’t like human rights abuses against a distant minority group (e.g., uyghurs) which the privileged mainstream can just choose to ignore. Almost every single family is going to lose an old person, there’s going to so much suffering by everyone over the next few months (just wait for the lunar new year when people spread infections to countryside) and if that sadness and frustration gets directed at the CPP, then the CPP has very much fucked up.


No-Childhood-5744 t1_j2fb1h6 wrote

There has been mistakes in every country throughout this pandemic, which is no surprise when dealing with such a beast. One thing about China that blew me away was the treatment centres they built at the very beginning in a matter of days, it was very impressive to see such facilities being built at speed. Hundreds of excavators etc racing around and getting shit done. Before downvoting me please note I am only stating how Impressed I was with the early construction of facilities. (I don’t know enough about this topic to have a say on what is right or wrong) Did anyone else enjoying seeing the rapid construction?


Elipses_ t1_j2fe8v5 wrote

I do believe a lot of the current criticism of the CCP from their citizens is based both on the speed of the reversal, which was a problem, but more than that, the criticisms I have seen have revolved mostly around d the fact that despite two years having passed, their medical system seems just as unprepared as they were at the start of things. Almost like they spent a ton of money on new ways to track and surveil their populace, and on expanding their military so they can beat their chests and claim to stand up to the big bad US, as opposed to preparing their nation for the realities of living with Covid.


Bleakwind t1_j2ff0f5 wrote

Motherfucker no!!! When there’s an outburst of infectious disease you don’t want unity!! You want isolation!

And calling for unity after the years of unnecessary strict zero covid policy is like telling a group who ran 4 marathons back to back to get up and run some more.

Xi wastes the time and patience of the last years not vaccinating the population. He did this to the country. Rather than to work with the rest of the world, he painted the west as disorganised and that the Chinese’s approach was superior. Well now you’ve painted yourself into a corner. Too proud to use better western vaccines, as it would be an admission of failure and policy.


WallStreetBets181 t1_j2fh7jw wrote

Unity?? So you can drag people into isolation camps??

Wow… China needs freedom!


rich1051414 t1_j2flk95 wrote

Additionally, they were too heavy handed with the lockdowns initially, and the dystopian vibe reverberated as drones flew past people's windows reminding them to suppress their desire for freedom. This overly authoritarian execution directly lead to the disintegration of public discourse regarding covid policy.

If they would have instead had a bit more relaxed lockdown policy, but imported vaccines that were proven effective, they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now. Xi was too proud to do what was best for the country, and instead chose the path that maximized his control over the population.


Stussygiest t1_j2fn4bg wrote

Huh? Even with vaccination. 1 million deaths in US. I repeat, 1 million.

If China did follow the west, causing 4 million deaths. People would bitch and moan anyway. Whatever choice they make, there are always haters.

I honestly think it was a smart but hard decision to delay opening up. Virus do not want the host to die, they also want to survive and spread. So they mutate to a less lethal virus. Old and frail will have problems tho.

It is also smart to wait and see how the vaccine performed. Vaccines were rushed during development, so who really could predict how it performed against covid over time.


SirVitin t1_j2fomj8 wrote

Could this be a bluff by China?