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Sagybagy t1_j0wxb3k wrote

Bud, you have tried and tried to bend this your way. It’s not working. Turkey wanted access to sensitive code. US denied it. Turkey went to Russia for their weapons. Which is exactly why the US wouldn’t give them the code. Turkey is a fucking disaster of a country and honestly outside of strategic military positioning, has no business in the EU. They are a shit pot dictatorship.


Ikaros004 t1_j0x2u83 wrote

Everything you just said is exactly what is said except i didn't go into to detail regarding the negotiations. That is a fact. The original post still stands unaltered.


Sagybagy t1_j0xb7ub wrote

You glossed over the top in an attempt to make it sound like Turkey was hosed by the US. Which it wasn’t. They don’t give sensitive code to anyone. No matter how much you want to play the “details don’t matter” in regards to your statements.


Ikaros004 t1_j0xd5xn wrote

In a sense they were hosed due to unreasonable demands. The issue isn't the original post, its your interpretation. Also the story is not about turkey getting hosed. If that were the case id agree with you. The point of the story is that turkey will cause you to have an issue then blame you for it. if you miss the point of the story then it would be understandable getting stuck on details.