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Elvtars426 t1_j255nyy wrote

“Trump of the tropics” in more ways than one. The more concerning thing is that Brazil only has had democracy back since 1985. A military coup is not unthinkable there, nor is right-wing terrorism.


ElvisDidntDie t1_j27hqje wrote

Do you admire Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro?


Elvtars426 t1_j288n4v wrote

Not in the least. They destroyed their countries.

I’m a moderate centrist. I despise people and groups like Trump and Bolsonaro who use hate, economics, and violence to divide people and want to control people’s lives. I also despise people like Chávez and Castro who use economics and violence to control people’s lives.


Prysorra2 t1_j27ij5u wrote

Chavismo. Stick with Chavez as your left wing example.


weykd1 t1_j26rqe2 wrote

I don't think we should associate the actions of a small group with the will of the president himself. He may be planning a coup, idk. But we cannot presume that he is behind the group that was arrested

Edit: nice to see how people (presumably left-wingers) react to a neutral comment, downvoting just because it is not what they want to hear lol


Elvtars426 t1_j26y3ts wrote

True that he may not be behind that group. However, his rhetoric is the direct cause of their actions just as Trump’s words were the direct cause of the 1/6 attacks.


weykd1 t1_j289m4e wrote

Yea sure, but still an arbitrary relation to these ones that were arrested. In another world we could associate the extremists left-wingers with the will of Lula, which is simply not reasonable.

Lula himself said that the extremists are a small group that should be disconsidered in his campaign


LewisLightning t1_j28a4xu wrote

Has Lula called the elections rigged?


weykd1 t1_j28abpc wrote



AquelecaraDEpoa t1_j28b0bz wrote

No, he hasn't. He also never said he'd kill his opposition, which cannot be said for Bolsonaro.


weykd1 t1_j28bkqv wrote

Ok, but when did I say anything about those things? I will not repeat myself as my comment is above yours, but think about the left-wing extremists, do their desires reflect those of Lula?

Not always, right?

This is my point.

Bolsonaro may want a coup, I'm not defending his good-will towards this subject, but from this arrest we cannot deduce that.


AquelecaraDEpoa t1_j28c0ms wrote

What left-wing extremists? This is the problem, you're waving whataboutism as if it was an absolute certainty that waves of political violence sponsored by the left were a thing in Brazil, when you know so little about the situation that you aren't even aware of whether or not Lula has encouraged doubt in the political system and outright political violence the way Bolsonaro did. The world may not be black and white, but that does not mean that both sides, everywhere, are the same.


weykd1 t1_j28d5k3 wrote

You can actually google it lol Or do you truly think that only people from right views are violent?

Get out of you bubble mate

Lula himself addressed the left-wing extremists in his campaign, saying that they should be disconsidered.

I don't follow politics anymore, and my comment was not even about that, my point was that we cannot deduce things from such a small sample. That is it.

You guys are stretching things out a lot unnecessarily and I'm not understanding why.

Edit: I will give you one example and you may believe if you want: my gf lives in an area where a PT HQ was located in Belo Horizonte, when Lula won in the first turn, a guy passed in the street with the dingle of Bolsonaro and the guys at the HQ trew glass bottles at his car, cursing him.

Things like this happen A LOT, but we never hear about it.

Extremists are present everywhere and all of them are lunatics in my opinion. They can do everything


AquelecaraDEpoa t1_j28dihe wrote

I have never said only people in the right are violent, do not shove words into my mouth. I said Brazil doesn't have waves of left-wing violence like it does right-wing violence, that is all. I live here, I follow current events, I think I know more about this than someone abroad who just Googles about it sometimes. Even if Lula said something about left-wing extremists, he was building a broad anti-Bolsonaro alliance, so of course he'd try to appeal to the center. Do me a favor, and look up when exactly acts of left-wing violence have been carried out in Brazil, because I cannot think of a single one that's taken place in the last 10 years.


Edit: In response to your edit, comparing throwing glass bottles to right-wing violence is borderline laughable, I'm sorry. There have been people stabbed and shot to death, one in his own birthday party. And while I will not pretend the inverse cannot happen, and to my knowledge, at least one bad political discussion ended the other way around, apparently in self-defense, Bolsonaro supporters have deliberately placed nails in federal highways seeking to damage as many vehicles as possible and tried to kill policemen sent to disperse illegal blockings of highways, not to mention one of Bolsonaro's allies trying to kill federal police officers and the fact hundreds of his supporters have been begging for a coup for months. These are not comparable situations.


weykd1 t1_j28en8m wrote

Well I just gave an example to you, and I live in Belo Horizonte as well. But ok dude, I truly don't want to discuss politics and you most likely know more than me as I don't follow anything.

Once again, all I'm saying is related to the post and my comment was not about politics (at least that was not my intention).

You can, however, google stuff and know a little more about the violence that come from left-wingers. There are sometimes physical violence, but the moral violence is much more visible.

Damn if someone ever said that they were in favor of Bolsonaro at my university they would get demolished, with people saying that they are stupid and many other things. Whereas the opposite did not happen.

There is clear violence in many forms from both sides, you just have to want to see.

Edit: in response to your edit, I did not compare the situations, "do not put words in my mouth". In any case, trowing bottles may seem light but there is a clear chance to kill the person. But I do agree that these things you cited are worse


hypocritical-bastard t1_j278g1m wrote

That's what power is though. Bolsonaro and Trump both inspired the idea to overthrow a Democratic government that didn't choose them. Without that idea in their heads, insurrectionists are nobodies.


weykd1 t1_j28a05k wrote

The insurrectionists do not have any power whatsoever since more than 50% of the people do not want Bolsonaro. And all of the official institutions do not want to stage a coup, therefore Bolsonaro has no power to do it.

If he attempted such thing, it would he similar to what happened in a neighbour country (I don't remeber which one) where the president simply tried to cease the congress and got arrested.

These things are simply senseless and even if Bolsonaro really wanted, he has no power to do it, just like Trump.

In any case, I just said that we cannot relate the will of a small group to the will of the president, and this applies to anyone.


zazenbr t1_j27fkp8 wrote

Wanna know where Bolsonaro is right now? Florida. More specifically, at fucking Disney with his family. Dude is absolutely over it. But he has real fucking cultists that just won't let it go.


weykd1 t1_j28a94q wrote

Yea this was my point as well


DELAIZ OP t1_j2ak0yg wrote

all he has to do is make a statement making it clear that he does not support this cause. he had months to do it and he didn't. and he has urged such behavior for years. as a politician he clearly cannot tell anyone to do what his followers are doing, but the way he commands is with incitement and ambiguous statements


Mission_Search8991 t1_j2a51pz wrote

Wait, wait... you mean that you can actually arrest coup plotters right away...? Really?


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r0ndy t1_j254fdt wrote

What in the tarnation is going on in this comment?


YesImKian t1_j25law0 wrote

How would 4 people stage a coup exactly?


ChronoAndMarle t1_j25sacq wrote

With more people, who will also be arrested. In fact, the main thing about this case isn't the terrorists, but their sponsors. Plenty of suspects are already under investigation.