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5picablue t1_j16exr6 wrote

Military tech from the WW2?


HobGoblin2 t1_j16mp5v wrote

You mean like the Atomic bomb?


mikeymumbelz t1_j16u8yn wrote

If they thought for a second the Russians were moving a nuke into Iran, the entire region would attack Tehran overnight. I don't even think a nuke would make it there. Someone would take out the transport in Europe before it left the ground.

Nobody wants Iran to have nukes. Not the Israelis. Not the Saudis. Not the Emiratis. No one. This would be the shit show to end all shit shows.


tap-rack-bang t1_j18aq91 wrote

For a small shipment of one of the former 20,000 that the USSR had, they could redirect funding and war effort AWAY from the Ukraine war while simultaneously paying their drone supplier. The world is already against Russia, what's one more thing? Seems plausible at least.


marcthe12 t1_j17iy6r wrote

Maybe ICBMs. With tech transfer.


Cloudboy9001 t1_j17rk3k wrote

Makes sense as Iran is apparently stocking up on enriched uranium (some ~60%).

Hopefully, this doesn't spiral into WW3.


GoodOmens t1_j17jtx7 wrote

The ark! They took it from occupied Germany.


Cowkonaut t1_j180ayg wrote

Russian military is much more advanced than the Iranian one, in particular in its air force and navy.


lurker_101 t1_j19x4ve wrote

Why all the blathering snowshoeing and tap dancing from the news?

.. Putin is threatening to send the mullahs a nuclear bomb .. dickhead


pantie_fa t1_j16v1im wrote

So, I reckon KSA ought to stop co-operating with OPEC+ (Russia) every time Putin says "hey, lets cut production and stick it to those evil Americans" - particularly when KSA basically owes its existence to Western military intervention. Otherwise they'd be known as "Southern Iraq".


JimmyEDI t1_j16h7wp wrote

Middle East was entirely stable until this announcement was made. Not A Karl Sharro quip.


Amn-El-Dawla t1_j16kixc wrote

True, Middle East is not stable, but if Iran suddenly has advanced ballistic capabilities and nuclear warheads, you got a new problem, not because Iran will actually nuke the region, but it will have leverage over its opponents, which would also drive them to obtain the same technologies, and nuclear warheads.


JimmyEDI t1_j16m26x wrote

Does Iran’s opponents not already have those capabilities, so technically they would be playing “catch-up” in terms of their own development? Also is the ”nuclear warheads” not just a WMD-esq fearmongering which proliferates in Europe, The US, and Israel? I remember reading about how much material would be required but if you have a link to where Iran is in their nuclear warhead capability I’d appreciate the link.


Amn-El-Dawla t1_j16nvyp wrote

I actually agree with all of what you said, and yes I could link an interesting document I came across, it's from the CRS, here's the (link).


JimmyEDI t1_j16puk8 wrote

Sorry, the link doesn’t work for me, what is the title of the report?


Amn-El-Dawla t1_j16q4z2 wrote

Iran and Nuclear Weapons Production CRS Report


JimmyEDI t1_j16rb18 wrote

Thank you, I think most of what I understand about the Iranian inability to produce a functioning nuclear warhead is covered in the report. They don’t have the design, material capability, nor the amount of material required at the required enrichment level at present. The report also states that there has been no move to accelerate weaponising the Uranium since 2003. I think a lot of the Anti-Iran rhetoric is based purely on hatred and little on fact. If a country doesn’t have the capability to design a nuclear warhead, and there’s no proof that they have the enriched material to create the reaction, let alone the materials required to assemble a missile, then it’s all just flights of fancy….


j1mmyB3000 t1_j16ediw wrote

…..Further destabilize the Middle East. Bad russia.


3dio t1_j17xktc wrote

Russia/USSR has always had a hand in ME wars. As did other "world powers". The cold War as it seems never ended.


needle-roulette t1_j16umm0 wrote

you mean like nuclear weapons like Israel has?
the middle east will never be stable , oil is cheaper that way. and soon it will be lithium, and other minerals


KazeNilrem t1_j1739qu wrote

Very curious to what end Israel is even going to let Iran keep their new toys. Depending on what sort of tech, they may not bother. But if it is a significant threat to them, there may be some real "accidents" occurring within Iran.


Lon72 t1_j16n3pj wrote

How dare they , selling arms to middle eastern dictatorships should be illegal .


Exile688 t1_j17e6ri wrote

Don't let Lockheed Martin hear you say that.


damurak t1_j17til9 wrote

How can they say something like this with a straight face? We've been supplying weapons to pretty much every nation in the Middle East at one point, and still do to most of them today. I mean, I get that we don't like Iran and we don't like Russia, but this is just such a silly complaint.


Dr_SlapMD t1_j17f1po wrote

We should destabilize Putin's head from his shoulders


BrokenSage20 t1_j185lke wrote

So what's our world war 3 themed played list include?

Provide your picks!


PeregrinePacifica t1_j17ha1j wrote

Well nukes would be apocalypse so I'm not sure he's that stupid.. but at the same time what does Russia still have that's particularly advanced? Bioweapons? Chemical weapons? Sonic weapons?

Sad to think this was once Persia.


Slacker256 t1_j17l431 wrote

Aviation, I presume. While not as advanced as say, F-35, Russian jets are still fairly decent, on par with F-15/16. For ancient Iranian Air Force those will be like a breath of fresh air.


Orqee t1_j17jskl wrote

Hypersonic missile tech? Wow so transparent; Putin: hey Iran, we give you supersonic missile tech and you build it and give us 50% you make,… Ukraine will get from Americans Coca Cola and patriot. We don’t have no fish nor chips to build it. It we do have new Russias Coca Cola; we call it coca in.


Gouzi00 t1_j182h6q wrote

Inflatable sex toys ?


yurimow31 t1_j18lbgd wrote

don't worry, there is enough american tech waiting to be sold to the saudis to restabilize it back


kraenk12 t1_j1a5ckv wrote

Russia can’t even supply their own troops.


autotldr t1_j16fyg1 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 84%. (I'm a bot)

> Britain warned on Tuesday that Russia is set to provide Iran with advanced military technology that will threaten security in the Middle East and around the world.

> Moscow will supply the military components to Tehran in return for Iranian attack drones which Russia has been using in its invasion of Ukraine, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told parliament.

> "Iran has become one of Russia's top military backers. In return for having supplied more than 300 kamikaze drones, Russia intends to provide it with advanced military components, undermining both Middle East and international security. We must expose this deal."

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CentJr t1_j179knd wrote

And yet a good chunk of the drones they produce to destabilize the region is full of western parts LMAO.

Just say that you're sad you won't be able to use Iran as the boogeyman of the Gulf (since the JCPOA is pretty much dead) so as to scam the Gulf states into buying more weapons from you.


No_Sense_6171 t1_j16n6xk wrote

Well, it's not like we haven't distributed military tech around the same area before. And let's see, what did Britain do in the Middle East in 1947? Oh, yeah.


Venerable_Rival t1_j16x0gc wrote

Although resource motivated politics is still very much alive, I think we've moved on from the cold war style animosity of the mid 1900's.

It's certainly unfair to equate modern British policies to those enacted over half a century ago.


diqbghutvcogogpllq t1_j17nxo1 wrote

Na mate on WorldNews, every country has to think and act the same way it did 73+ years ago otherwise it doesn't count.

"America sold weapons to the USSR in 1942? well they can't say anything when Russia attacks their neighbour then can they."

"France Surrendered to the Nazi's in 1940? well it's pretty hypocritical for them to have antifascist rallies then isn't it!"

"Uk provides intelligence to the international community about Russia destabilising the middle east? bit cringe."

I've seen so many of these brain-dead takes on here specifically whenever the war is mentioned I just assume it's 'Russian Whataboutism' in action.