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never_shit_ur_pants t1_j2de9ka wrote

I was about to go have my hair cut and heard three bangs. I live in Kyiv. No new haircut for today


throwawaynbad t1_j2du5kr wrote

Smart. Don't mess with bangs when getting your hair cut.


creedsblog69 t1_j2e3voq wrote

Don’t mess with bangs when getting bangs.


PumpkinManGuy t1_j2e797g wrote


Mad_Martigan2021 t1_j2f40eu wrote

These Russians, they've got to go. They're in too deep now and they're too stupid to back off.


LordOfTheStrings8 t1_j2fmrz1 wrote

What's your day-to-day routine lately?


never_shit_ur_pants t1_j2fodex wrote

The same. I work from home. We try to cook everything beforehand because power outages are a norm right now(I have all appliances run on electricity, even the stove). Had optical fiber internet installed so I could power my router and internet with two batteries hence be able to work. Small and big businesses have bought generators and even when there’s no electricity you’re able to charge your gadgets and buy groceries. The big luck is that it’s unusually warm right now, since radiators stop heating the apartment during a power outage.


never_shit_ur_pants t1_j2foqg5 wrote

I’m writing it to you sitting in the bathroom after a bucket of tears cried (Zelenskyy’s New Year speech was very emotional) and then having smoked on the balcony I heard a bang and went with my gf and my pets to the bathroom. We’re currently under attack


LordOfTheStrings8 t1_j2fpn9d wrote

Thanks for the reply. I'm amazed at how you are doing your best to live your life despite what's happening around you.

I see the news on reddit every day and I have no words to express how sad I feel for Ukrainians. Every day I hope to hear that this ends.


laziejim t1_j2f8p7e wrote

Did it make you shit your pants?


never_shit_ur_pants t1_j2f9x13 wrote

No it didn’t I used to it. The time when it almost happened was when a Russian jet flew low over us in March, you just drop on the floor instantly, however a similar event killed a kid my mum used to teach at nursery school, the 7-year-old’s heart stopped from fear


Dimensional-Fusion t1_j2d9jki wrote

"What's your new years resolution?..."



Chimpstronaut611 t1_j2dd7ld wrote

2023 is going to be fucked up...


ConnorChandler t1_j2de207 wrote

Most likely Putin will start the year off with a bang, by reopening the northern front and making a big zerg rush to Kyiv again.


MSTRMN_ t1_j2doy30 wrote

Very much doubtful, considering what intelligence says and current state of things. Formation of attack groups takes months


uncastsacrumf09 t1_j2f380e wrote

>Formation of attack groups takes months

Does it really? Going by what I've seen in documentaries and military simp videos on YouTube I had the idea in my head that modern militaries could basically just dump a bunch of guys and stuff out of planes wherever. Or does just America do that? Or is Russia specifically too shitty for that to work?


MrSpaceGogu t1_j2f4eq2 wrote

Just the US, basically. Despite claims by others, it is the only military superpower capable of doing such things. insert meme about where the healthcare dollars went


DarQraven t1_j2fiqcz wrote

Even that has limits I suppose. The kind of force that can take a country's capital when they know you're coming and had months to prepare... You don't just drop that out of a couple airplanes.


chadenright t1_j2fb6zi wrote

It does take months, but during peacetime modern militaries burn a lot of money on "being ready" for a quick response when it's needed. Russia spent their "Ready to get dropped out an airplane whenever" guys at the start of the war, they failed to do anything noteworthy, now they have nobody with the training and resources to be able to do that. Not to mention Ukraine is now a lot more ready to blow a transport plane out of the air if they -did- want to drop over Kyiv.


chrisgets08 t1_j2fdcuh wrote

US military logistics are world class. US military strength is all about projecting power.

Just look back to the columns of stalled Russian vehicles on highways back at the start of the war and you’ll see examples of terrible logistics.


RrtayaTsamsiyu t1_j2fjwrl wrote

Reminds me of all my playthrough attempts on Supreme Ruler before I had any idea how supply works


badatthenewmeta t1_j2fmenp wrote

It takes months for America, too. We can put a small group on the ground absolutely anywhere in a day or two, but to mount a major offensive takes a fantastic effort. Both wars against Iraq, for example, were prefaced by months of highly visible buildup.

The difference is that when America does it, the troops stay fed, warm, and equipped. How many complaints did you hear from our troops in Iraq about not having boots, or ammo, or gas? Were there any who didn't even know what country they were in? Russia can't manage that much while fighting barely inside a neighboring country, never mind the other side of the world.


CrimsonShrike t1_j2ffwy3 wrote

US and some NATO countries, otherwise not really. Few countries can actually deploy an effective force outside their borders (and only the US can really wage war on the other side of the globe with a near peer on short notice)


BrokenWineGlass t1_j2fgvit wrote

> (and only the US can really wage war on the other side of the globe with a near peer on short notice)

Wage a war on the other side of the globe on a short notice, sure. They factually confirmed US Military can do this. But with a near peer? Maybe they and military experts claim US Military can do it, but has this ever been tested before? (just a genuine question, no snark, no opinion, just curious about military history).


CrimsonShrike t1_j2fvx1h wrote

Depending on scale of conflict carrier groups on their own can wage war as soon as they get to position. It's a fair question.

Theres elements of the Gulf War that point at that capability as the US was able to organize an armed response to defend its allies in the area really quick. While there were 5 months between loss of Kuwait and combat operations, that has to do with desire to build an arab coalition as well as obtain UN backing (which gave Iraq until january to pull their troops back anyway)

That's of course, assuming we consider Iraq a near peer. China seems a more obvious choice but at least Iraq had proven gear and troops with field experience. I dont imagine Russia would fare any better than Iraq did either.


font9a t1_j2dxock wrote

Let’s start 2023 with a list of all the successful Russian offensive operations in Ukraine since the war started. I’ll start:


ninjaML t1_j2dugrf wrote

making a big zerg rush to Kyiv again minefields


TunkFunklin t1_j2d8awe wrote

This is the full text of the article

“The head of the Mykolaiv OMA, Vitalii Kim reported that the Russians launched missiles at Ukraine.

Source: Kim on Facebook

Quote from Kim: "The invaders decided to try to ruin the day for us anyway.There are missile launches."

Details: At the time of writing, there were no alarms anywhere in Ukraine.

Telegram channels that track missile strikes write that the Russians launched missiles by strategic aviation in radio silence mode.

Updated: After 12:30, an air-raid siren began to spread across Ukraine.


SirnCG t1_j2ed3mj wrote

Two of this shit hit close to me, big expoisons, several injures, one of them in hard constance... fking terrorists


laziejim t1_j2f8tun wrote

So sorry you have to go through this


Jonni_kennito t1_j2e7gkr wrote

Pretty fucked up. A girl I have been following on Instagram for ages just had a near miss her neighbours house is gone along with a few others in the area. Dead everywhere again. Just a total fucken disgrace on Russia part Not even attacking anything of military value...


westdl t1_j2exhz0 wrote

Ukrainian Military tends t have the ability to fight back. Murdering innocent civilians is the only thing the cowards can accomplish.


shadowharvest t1_j2dagdf wrote

They have to use the last oft heir stockpile up before the 2023 expiration date


BigOk5284 t1_j2dsnrk wrote

Really wish theyd actually run out now


yaba3800 t1_j2frzsu wrote

Theyre not going to run out, it would be really nice but its not going to happen.


hedsar t1_j2egqq7 wrote

31th of December and 1st of January are the biggest holidays in most of the post-ussr countries, including russia and Ukraine. It’s comparable to Christmas in Europe and Thanksgiving in the US. If there were ever to be a “Christmas truce” between Ukraine and Russia, it would’ve been either Orthodox Easter or today. And Russia cynically launched rockets on both dates. Inhuman.


uv-vis t1_j2fb8vm wrote

Absolute fucking scum. I hope there’s an even bigger aid package in response like the last few attacks.


Oldtimer_2 t1_j2eqsl2 wrote

Better get those Patriot Missile batteries over there soon......


tomistruth t1_j2eeo1j wrote

Those missiles seem quite modern. So where did they come from? Looking at you, China.


pjdonovan t1_j2e9ewl wrote

Russians launched missiles by strategic aviation in radio silence mode.

I guess that means they were using radio comms as an early detection device to get the alarms sounded?


sgrams04 t1_j2fj123 wrote

Fuck Russia. Fuck these asshole mobsters and the racket they call a government. They have been an absolute scourge of this planet forever and the world would be better off without them. What a joke of a country.


ElvenNeko t1_j2fbn54 wrote

I thought it was weird that they launched it so early. But 5 minutes ago siren started screaming again. Seems like they heared that fireworks were forbidden here and decided to deliver some. Hopefully it will all explode in the sky.


cyrixlord t1_j2f6znk wrote

The more the russians destroy, the more the west will have to pay for reconstruction. This is also a deliberate plan of russia to try to spend all the resources in the west to make them less inclined to finance Ukraine.

Id love to see the west help more to mitigate Ukraine's losses by seeing these missiles getting destroyed at the source or at least over russia than over Ukraine. we can't keep sending generators and substation equipment over only for them to get destroyed again.

more importantly, It will be hard to tell if these are going to be the first salvos of the russian zerg rush counter attack or just another terrorist attack on civiilians


thundergun661 t1_j2fpk1g wrote

The fireworks on New Years are gonna be a little different this year...


god-doing-hoodshit t1_j2eqz64 wrote

Over war but Russia needs to face Justice for this. More innocent lives.


Playful_Leek_6082 t1_j2fvcyq wrote

Didnt the USA just send trillions of dollars to ukraine?


ParaGord t1_j2egzai wrote

I'm not sure why this is even an article. Isn't this a daily occurrence in Ukraine right now?