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MSTRMN_ t1_j2doy30 wrote

Very much doubtful, considering what intelligence says and current state of things. Formation of attack groups takes months


uncastsacrumf09 t1_j2f380e wrote

>Formation of attack groups takes months

Does it really? Going by what I've seen in documentaries and military simp videos on YouTube I had the idea in my head that modern militaries could basically just dump a bunch of guys and stuff out of planes wherever. Or does just America do that? Or is Russia specifically too shitty for that to work?


MrSpaceGogu t1_j2f4eq2 wrote

Just the US, basically. Despite claims by others, it is the only military superpower capable of doing such things. insert meme about where the healthcare dollars went


DarQraven t1_j2fiqcz wrote

Even that has limits I suppose. The kind of force that can take a country's capital when they know you're coming and had months to prepare... You don't just drop that out of a couple airplanes.


chadenright t1_j2fb6zi wrote

It does take months, but during peacetime modern militaries burn a lot of money on "being ready" for a quick response when it's needed. Russia spent their "Ready to get dropped out an airplane whenever" guys at the start of the war, they failed to do anything noteworthy, now they have nobody with the training and resources to be able to do that. Not to mention Ukraine is now a lot more ready to blow a transport plane out of the air if they -did- want to drop over Kyiv.


chrisgets08 t1_j2fdcuh wrote

US military logistics are world class. US military strength is all about projecting power.

Just look back to the columns of stalled Russian vehicles on highways back at the start of the war and you’ll see examples of terrible logistics.


RrtayaTsamsiyu t1_j2fjwrl wrote

Reminds me of all my playthrough attempts on Supreme Ruler before I had any idea how supply works


badatthenewmeta t1_j2fmenp wrote

It takes months for America, too. We can put a small group on the ground absolutely anywhere in a day or two, but to mount a major offensive takes a fantastic effort. Both wars against Iraq, for example, were prefaced by months of highly visible buildup.

The difference is that when America does it, the troops stay fed, warm, and equipped. How many complaints did you hear from our troops in Iraq about not having boots, or ammo, or gas? Were there any who didn't even know what country they were in? Russia can't manage that much while fighting barely inside a neighboring country, never mind the other side of the world.


CrimsonShrike t1_j2ffwy3 wrote

US and some NATO countries, otherwise not really. Few countries can actually deploy an effective force outside their borders (and only the US can really wage war on the other side of the globe with a near peer on short notice)


BrokenWineGlass t1_j2fgvit wrote

> (and only the US can really wage war on the other side of the globe with a near peer on short notice)

Wage a war on the other side of the globe on a short notice, sure. They factually confirmed US Military can do this. But with a near peer? Maybe they and military experts claim US Military can do it, but has this ever been tested before? (just a genuine question, no snark, no opinion, just curious about military history).


CrimsonShrike t1_j2fvx1h wrote

Depending on scale of conflict carrier groups on their own can wage war as soon as they get to position. It's a fair question.

Theres elements of the Gulf War that point at that capability as the US was able to organize an armed response to defend its allies in the area really quick. While there were 5 months between loss of Kuwait and combat operations, that has to do with desire to build an arab coalition as well as obtain UN backing (which gave Iraq until january to pull their troops back anyway)

That's of course, assuming we consider Iraq a near peer. China seems a more obvious choice but at least Iraq had proven gear and troops with field experience. I dont imagine Russia would fare any better than Iraq did either.