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genesiss23 t1_j1aj1th wrote

With gas stations, a person only needs 5 minutes to fill up. With electric vehicles, you need over a lot more time than that. If a person cannot charge at home, how will he or she charge? It's more complex due to the time aspect.


Jahobes t1_j1arolh wrote

That's a technology problem. It used to take way longer to pump gas back when you literally had to pump it.

Tesla's already charge hundreds of miles in 30-45 minutes and that number is getting smaller... That means you can sit and charge for 10 min and get plenty miles for local commutes.


red_sutter t1_j1bm5jw wrote

When they put gas pumps in the ground back in 1900 or whatever, it probably took people an hour to literally hand-pump it into their cars (which is probably why full-service stations where dudes did it for you became a thing.)

By 2040, 50, etc. They'll probably have fucking F-Zero power strips on the highway that read your neural implant credit chips for payment, making this whole debate irrelevant


dubiousadvocate t1_j1bzl2g wrote

You don’t actually have to charge to the maximum capacity the battery lets you.


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genesiss23 t1_j1alk9e wrote

The issue is to provide the same about of service a gas station does in a day, the equivalent ev charging station will need significantly more chargers. The issue is infrastructure and unless there is a solid, funded plan on how to deal with it, you shouldn't mandate anything. You can end up destroying yourself, so to speak.

Also, all the car manufacturers use a standard charger, except one, and that is Tesla. They need to be forced to use the standard charger.