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westondeboer t1_j1beeuw wrote

> But in a positive twist, her inadvertently public jibe in the parliament Hansard has ended up raising NZ$100,100 ($93,733) for a prostate cancer charity.

> "I want to thank everyone for coming together over a good cause and having a bit of fun this Christmas to help pricks everywhere."


wordswontcomeout OP t1_j1bo4uy wrote

Note that the quote stated is by the opposition “prick” haha


disantiyesnt t1_j1bp0vv wrote

Only in New Zealand can an insult be turned into charity


Steve_78_OH t1_j1c289m wrote

And it was even the idea of the guy that Ms Ardern insulted. That's honestly a pretty classy move right there. "You insulted me! In retaliation, let's do this thing for charity!"


wanderlustcub t1_j1c3szr wrote

Well, they are also contemporaries. Seymour is 39 and Ardern is 42, and NZ politics is small, so they both have been around each other for a long time.

Also, Seymour loves being a prick. It is kinda his thing. Both Ardern and Seymore saw their stock rise with this situation.


Nolsoth t1_j1cw595 wrote

Yep David is a prick, but he's useful for keeping the parties honest and he's pushed through some progressive legislation.

I like him in government but I hope to god he never gets any real power.


wanderlustcub t1_j1cypl8 wrote

I agree wholeheartedly. There is a lack of rank partisanship in NZ. We’ve seen Seymour and Chloë Swarbrick unite under common goals.

Someone can be my political opposite but still have good ideas… just not many of them. ;-).


When_3_become_2 t1_j1g3fe8 wrote

Arden used a gendered slur against him and it’s excused and celebrated in a way it wouldn’t be in return. Had he called her a arrogant cunt the media (and her) would be talking of the misogyny of it all for the next year.


No-Ask7043 t1_j1bz24k wrote

Same kjnda thing happened in the city I live in in Canada. There was an incredibly stupid protest earlier this year tried to arrest police officers at the police station on the advice of a self proclaimed “Real queen of Canada”, and the mayor tweeted something like “fuck off dimwits”, and it became a somewhat big deal in media. Shirts and other shit with the quote raised 10k or more for a couple local charities.


When_3_become_2 t1_j1g3jiq wrote

Can you imagine Ardern and the media being so positive if someone called her a bossy cunt? Or do you suppose they would cry over the misogyny of it all?


deez_treez t1_j1bcb3c wrote

Corrupt conservatives are so thirsty for any type of event they can spin into a zero sum political victory.

Very cringe.


Steve_78_OH t1_j1c1yjp wrote

Just wondering who's the conservative in this instance?


wanderlustcub t1_j1c3ytw wrote

Well, Seymour is the leader of ACT - which is a Right aligned political party. However, I think deez_treez (lol) is still wrong here.