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The_Overlord_Laharl t1_j6d9pzp wrote

Tends to happen when you try to cross a border of a state you’re in conflict with while armed with weapons.


AITHASNTEEN t1_j6dg9h6 wrote

War. The word you are looking for is war.

Syria and Israel have been at war with each other since 1948.


The_Overlord_Laharl t1_j6dgcy1 wrote

Fair enough. I wasn’t sure if the war was an official war and probably should have googled it, thanks for your clarification.


AITHASNTEEN t1_j6dizvh wrote

No problem:

The Golan Heights (where this occurred) is considered Syrian land occupied by Israel because there has been no formal end to the war and therefore no treaty.

Israel gained control of the Golan Heights during the 6 Day War (1967). Meaning Israel has controlled Golan for 55 years. Syria only controlled it for 20 years.

The occupation of Golan isn't covered by the media the same as the occupation of the West Bank. Largely because the Druze who live in Golan are content.


porterica427 t1_j6f6q71 wrote

Yeah they’ve been going at it for a longgg time. I spent a good bit of time in Israel and around the Golan region. Had the opportunity to spend time amongst the Druze people and honestly had an amazing time. They were just vibing in the midst of a very tense war zone, being lovely people, making the worlds most delicious hummus and falafel.


onecrazyguy1 t1_j6gs6u7 wrote

Yeah the Druze are bad ass and great friends to Jews. They help defend people in the IDF and take no crap from anyone.,spokesperson%20said%20during%20a%20briefing, When Palestinian terrorists stole a kid on life support(killing him in the process), some armed Druze got them to give the body back, it was terrible that the kid died.


JayR_97 t1_j6dtet2 wrote

Yeah, my first thought was "What exactly did they expect was gonna happen?"


SpangledSpanner t1_j6dqvez wrote

Israel is occupying Golan, which is Syrian territory.


YairJ t1_j6dxymy wrote

Is it important for states to retain their territories? Syrians didn't seem to think so.


SpangledSpanner t1_j6e1a23 wrote

These two seemed to think so, yes.


IsraeliDonut t1_j6ex225 wrote

Is that what they were doing? Trying to forcibly reclaim it?


SpangledSpanner t1_j6exrdd wrote

I have no idea


IsraeliDonut t1_j6ey09y wrote

So how do you know what those 2 thought


SpangledSpanner t1_j6ezbfv wrote

I don't?

But why wouldnt they?


NamelessForce OP t1_j6fissz wrote

>These two seemed to think so, yes.

You said that, implying you know what they thought.


SpangledSpanner t1_j6fiz1m wrote

Feel free to speculate. I dont care to be honest


NamelessForce OP t1_j6fjl94 wrote

> Feel free to speculate. I dont care to be honest

Seems that you were the one speculating here. And you are commenting quite a bit for someone who doesn't care. Odd.


AITHASNTEEN t1_j6e82vn wrote

Do you understand how war works?


Tiny-Peenor t1_j6f58ck wrote

Do you now support the annexation of Crimea?


AITHASNTEEN t1_j6f7j1k wrote

Do you now support the annexation of Crimea

Which time? 1954 or 2014? One was legal under international law, one was not.

Either way, both are poor parallels to the situation in a Golan Heights. A more relevant comparison is how I feel about the Soviet Union taking control of Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland and eastern Germany after WWII.

I feel that the Allies were more than justified in taking territory from the Axis. And that it was done in accordance with international law.


SpangledSpanner t1_j6e85hk wrote

Do you?


AITHASNTEEN t1_j6e8pvd wrote


And when you wage war and lose, you don't always get to keep your territory.

The Ottomans lost WW1 and Britain took Palestine and France took Syria.

The Syrians lost the 6 Day War and Israel took Golan.

By 1967, Syria should have known that Israel would keep any territory that it gained in war. And they chose to roll the dice.


SpangledSpanner t1_j6ea25i wrote

That's great. Still Syrian territory though.


AITHASNTEEN t1_j6eb577 wrote

Because they are still at war and therefore there has been no treaty.

Israel is defending the territory it captured in war, against a nation with whom it is still at war.


IsraeliDonut t1_j6ewwx6 wrote

It’s nice up there, would you prefer it to be with Syria?


SpangledSpanner t1_j6exmbh wrote

Syria has some beautiful scenery I agree


IsraeliDonut t1_j6exxfy wrote

Just better hope assad doesn’t use chemical weapons on his own people again