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askmeifimacop t1_j5iixtc wrote

That’s almost 95% of the entire population. Crazy.


JKKIDD231 t1_j5jjcsj wrote

The remaining 5% probably the political elite that got electricity


toocooltododrugs t1_j5kviv5 wrote

On a more realistic note, much of the 5% are probably those who use diesel generators, or have access to them. Mostly big farmers and the like.


MikePWazoski t1_j5k1ijn wrote

Anyone hungry?!?


Drak_is_Right t1_j5pe8zi wrote

Probably rural disconnected areas. Political elite and rich are in that 95%. They also know the grid is shit and are used to local outages so they have diesel backups.


YouStylish1 t1_j5l6dx2 wrote

And a blackout of this magnitude has happened for the third time : Jan'2021, 2022 and now 2023.

Idiots cant keep a country in an orderly state and yet keep brandishing nukes to the world!


Rohan73 t1_j5kuyjf wrote

It's their 3rd consecutive year of mass electricity outage


Seeker_Of_Knowledge- t1_j5ispbg wrote

Just an interesting fact. People in Lebanon and some other parts of the world get only one hour a day of electricity.


rafdotcom t1_j5j2r7t wrote

We in South Africa are heading that way. Currently up to 10h a day without electricity


DemonPoro t1_j5jlivi wrote

Hello from Ukraine. Can we join the club? Similar situation 6-10h without electricity per day.


rafdotcom t1_j5jnq21 wrote

Sorry that you joined, but yours is no fault of own, seems like the Russians had a part to play in you joining our club

Our government created the mess we in. Like they knew about it and did nothing significant to alter course.. headed right into .. now we just another failed state


Kidog1_9 t1_j5k237c wrote

Somehow, you described what happened in Sri Lanka with near-perfect accuracy. Edit : and what's happening in Pakistan


Icy_Tomatillo2699 t1_j5lh6g7 wrote

A political and constitutional crisis emerged in Pakistan from, 3 April 2022 to 10 April 2022 when, National Assembly's Deputy Speaker Qasim Khan Suri dismissed a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan during a session in which it was expected to be taken up for a vote, alleging that a foreign country's involvement in the regime change was contradictory to Article 5 of the Constitution of Pakistan.[1] Moments later, Khan stated in a televised address that he had advised President Arif Alvi to dissolve the National Assembly. Alvi complied with Khan's advice under Article 58 of the constitution. This resulted in the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) taking a suo moto notice of the ongoing situation, creating a constitutional crisis, as effectively, Imran Khan led a constitutional coup.Four days later, the SCP ruled that the dismissal of the no-confidence motion, the prorogation of the National Assembly, the advice from Imran Khan to President Arif Alvi to dissolve the National Assembly, and the subsequent dissolution of the National Assembly were unconstitutional, and overturned these actions in a 5-0 vote. The Supreme Court further held that the National Assembly had not been prorogued and had to be reconvened by the speaker immediately and no later than 10:30 a.m. on 9 April 2022.

On 9 April, the National Assembly was reconvened, however the motion was not immediately put to a vote. The session went on all day but the voting did not begin. Shortly before midnight, the speaker and the deputy speaker both resigned.

Shortly after midnight on 10 April, the National Assembly voted and passed the no-confidence motion with 174 votes, a majority, removing Khan from office,and making him the first prime minister in Pakistan to be removed from office through a no-confidence motion.

And after that it was a literal war between the current government and the people because almost everyone liked khan's government.


soulhot t1_j5k34z7 wrote

I genuinely am sorry for the South African people because they had such high hopes when Mandela was freed and its so sad to see what’s happening.

I just realised it sounds like I don’t think it’s terrible in other countries.. I didn’t mean it that way.. it’s tragic for all people’s in this day and age. Basic human rights, safety and expectations should be every governments first concern.


majortung t1_j5mpm6r wrote

In Durham, the locals were looting Indian shops and went on rampage attacking Indians.


69_queefs_per_sec t1_j5jqa6o wrote

Fucking hell, and I got mad when the power went out for 30 minutes yesterday in Bangalore (there's a diesel generator so honestly it wasn't even an issue). I can't imagine life in SA. Such a beautiful country deserves better.


ExchangeKooky8166 t1_j5k3p8a wrote

South Africa is that way because the African National Congress has been laughably corrupt and incompetent since Mandela left office in 1999.

Tragic tale of a country. Without Mandela, South Africa would have probably collapsed economically and then into an awful civil war. However, there was no strong leader after him to keep the economic and social progress that was gained from 1995-2007.

No, this isn't apartheid apologism. The National Party were just as shitty and apartheid is responsible for many long-term social issues in South Africa. The ANC just make it worse.


Speculawyer t1_j5kojc7 wrote

Eskom is a mess. It is so coal dependent and coal is expensive. But they don't seem to have the money or willpower to switch from coal to solar PV and wind.

And now I presume a lot of wealthy people are switching to battery backed solar PV so you get the utility death spiral.


RansomStark78 t1_j5lj2fb wrote

Everything else you mentioned costs more per kwh than coal


RansomStark78 t1_j5lplc1 wrote

Link to a article that does not factor in USA specific subsides

I don't think rsa gets us money as subsides


Speculawyer t1_j5ls9vi wrote

This article covers UNSUBSIDIZED prices (see first graph). When subsidized, it is so cheap that it causes existing plants to close down (second graph).


RansomStark78 t1_j5lvezo wrote

You mention that wealthy rsa citizens are switching to solar and t his will lead to failure of the national power producer

I googled there are only 400 000 za citizens that make above 1 000 000 zar as per za tax stat

1000000 at xe rate is approx 60 000 usd

There are approx 60-80 mil ppl in rsa

How does 400 000 (possibly half that in number households given that higher in comers earners marry other higher incomes earners)

Result in a income deficit enough to cause the power utility to go into red


RansomStark78 t1_j5lx9qa wrote

A 15 min google search

Za current renewables are at r 2,02 kwh ( 2012)

15 year life span

but customers are paying r1, 62per kwh

So coal must be cheaper than renewables

Also most heavy users are in the north most energy renewables are in the south

Za do not have transmission capacity to take the power to the north so having more renewables will not help

Apparently transmission capacity is at 100% in the south


NofksgivnabtLIFE t1_j5j9cqq wrote

Bless you folk. Fuck the systems of oppression no mater where we all are from. Basic human rights are deserved by ALL!


TheOwlDemonStolas t1_j5k2i1g wrote

Wait, you are heading that way? Like, it get's worse? Shouldn't it be the reverse? What's the reason for this.


rafdotcom t1_j5kb2p2 wrote

Basically government policies and not educating its population.. after 30 years the cracks are showing. We have massive urban decay in our major population centres and no maintenance done on critical infrastructure.. Where I reside each day without electricity means the water supply is affected and we without water almost every time the power goes out.. the power goes out every few hours :(


AmeriToast t1_j5m542e wrote

Man that does suck. I still remember when everyone was talking about how south Africa was on its way towards becoming an economic powerhouse in Africa.


Wrong_Adhesiveness87 t1_j5jnyzl wrote

How do people work?? Imagine noone can really have a fridge


Seeker_Of_Knowledge- t1_j5jzbfk wrote

It is really hell on earth. I have relatives who live there and for the most, they are using other forms of food reservations besides fridges (salt, dry meat...)

They have small batteries that they recharge in this one hour that they can use for one light in the house for the rest of the day.


Horror-Childhood6121 t1_j5kccd0 wrote

Not having a refrigerator is hell on earth?


Seeker_Of_Knowledge- t1_j5kdf7t wrote

The life there in general. Refrigerator is only one problem among the countless ones they have.


Horror-Childhood6121 t1_j5kfbme wrote

But we're talking about the lack of electricity here. Having lived off grid for almost 10 years, the first few without refrigeration, it was hardly hell on earth.


rezzbian419 t1_j5khi59 wrote

you’re pointing out that you voluntarily lived off grid, while lebanese citizens are not choosing to live like this — their gov is subjecting them to it


Horror-Childhood6121 t1_j5khxdj wrote

I agree completely with your assessment, ..but srsly..hell on earth? Also seems like power outages are somewhat common ..


rezzbian419 t1_j5kkxl3 wrote

seems that you’re completely ignorant on what’s going on in lebanon if you are still hung up about refrigerators


Horror-Childhood6121 t1_j5klpz6 wrote

Woyld you describe Lebanons lack of electricity as "hell on earth"?


Seeker_Of_Knowledge- t1_j5kmhuu wrote

I would describe not having food to eat and none of the government facilities working as intended and not finding jobs and a full month of your work is only worth 100$ where the prices went ×50 higher as hell on earth.


Iron-Doggo t1_j5krtcr wrote

But you had time, money and knowledge of how to effectively live off grid. These people do not. That is why it was a smooth transition for you and a rough transition for them. They don’t have the advantages you do that enable you to live comfortably off grid. It’s a struggle for survival for them. For you it’s just a relaxing way of life.


Horror-Childhood6121 t1_j5kw9z4 wrote

It was no smooth transition for me..but not comparing to this. Relaxing? You have no idea..but again, just put that in as I have lived without electricity.. in our part of the country we have regular outages so even when we were on the grid, it was something we deal with regularly. Parts of our county were out of electricity for almost 2 weeks recently.

Hardly " hell on earth".

However it seems that the power grid in these places has been unreliable for many many years, and lack of electricity is not an unusual situation. So they have had time.


Gr8gaur t1_j5jpstd wrote

Because when u have forex of just $4.3 billion, of which $3 billion are loans begged from Saudi, China etc... importing luxury cars worth $1.2 billion is more important than arranging wheat and electricity.

A true banana republic !


Sans_Pression t1_j5m0bct wrote

It's getting worse in many parts of the World. Power outages are now reccurent in Syria, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Sudan. What corruption + inflation does to a motherfucker. Also Venezuela but thats socialism.


Lawfulness_Character t1_j5lbv43 wrote

I was in an island village in Colombia last week where they pay the equivalent of $80 USD/Month for power 6 hours per night during low period for all of the resorts around them that get 24/7 electricity.


Drak_is_Right t1_j5peoej wrote

Diesel is expensive right now and a lot of these islands run on it


prodbywetpaint t1_j5pyfjm wrote

Wait really? Any article for this? Generally curious how people live like this.


Seeker_Of_Knowledge- t1_j5qc4n9 wrote

My uncle just emigrated from Lebanon a few months ago and when he came to Canada, he couldn't believe the difference at the beginning, it was a shock for him.

Little old article, but what I can tell you is that it got much much worse as of now compared to a year ago.

Just search "Lebanon Electricity Crisis"


pargofan t1_j5jf9rf wrote

What's causing the power outage?

And 220 million is a LOT of people. That's nearly two-thirds of the US population


UnusedCandidate t1_j5jfyjg wrote

Voltage fluctuations from what I read. Also, the energy sector in Pakistan is deep in debt. This has prevented upgrades to the system. So maybe that. Old systems


pargofan t1_j5jj1jx wrote

95% of the country at once? Wow.


UnusedCandidate t1_j5l1pid wrote

Did some digging. As per some forum posts, apparently power stations are turned off at night to conserve fuel and reduce loads. When the restart was attempted on Monday morning, the grid failed.

Another theory is that the load was too high on a local grid(Quetta, Balochistan), causing it to trip and sort of domino effect the entire national grid from there.


Can't confirm either one in any meaningful way though.


pargofan t1_j5l2dty wrote

Thanks for looking into it. Sounds temporary but amazing how it affected so many at once.

As an American, it's unreal to think of 220 million people suddenly losing electricity all at once.


UnusedCandidate t1_j5l3dud wrote

Seems fairly common. There's a tight Forex squeeze, Pakistan has no fuel resources of its own. It all culminates to this. There's also a third theory that a Chinese made grid control system failed, leading to this.


FormidableFloof t1_j5m0da4 wrote

Why would they do that? It's not like I don't know they are sabotaging the world on many levels, but still, what would be the motive?


Amorougen t1_j5mnq96 wrote

How many people in the US lost power in 2003? Answer: 50 million. Can't remember duration, but some sites claim more than a day. Seems to me it was more than that in the Detroit area. I know the auto industry shut down, and cellular towers went dark. Good old POTS telephones worked though - powered off batteries (big batteries and lots of them). No comparison to what is happening to Pakistan however.


50-Minute-Wait t1_j5karni wrote

China is also threatening to fuck with the power over non-payment to its plants.


noxx1234567 t1_j5k2dww wrote

The elite in Pakistan steal all the funds meant for maintenance /upkeep of the transmission system

Ex military , politicians who run transmission organisations steal as much as possible and send it to London , usa or Dubai


The_Mr_Kay t1_j5korxo wrote

Sounds like the same shit here in South Africa


boomerinvest t1_j5lqyw4 wrote

And here in America.


Codspear t1_j5m155a wrote

Don’t be so melodramatic. The US has one of the most stable energy grids on the planet and has nowhere near the top-to-bottom corruption of Pakistan or South Africa.


AmeriToast t1_j5m4o7i wrote

Come on man, don't ruin their chance to crap on the US to feel better about themselves


boomerinvest t1_j5m46pf wrote

I was referring to the corruption duh! I’m all too familiar with our grid and the interconnections. Follow the thread man. Stop trying to sound so superior.


lfcman24 t1_j5l4614 wrote

Probably not enough fuel in generators. The grid is usually designed to sustain loss of few generators but if the demand power vs supplied power comes dangerously close even worst if the demand power is higher than supply, it can cause voltage to dip which causes generators to run at a higher speed and hence can trip those and results in a cascading effect where the demand cannot be met now by remaining ones and one by one all generators trip.

Coal Generators can take a day to two during warm start , gas ones are quick so depends what’s in their bucket. Power restoration after a grid failure can take a day to a week to complete restoration.


Drak_is_Right t1_j5pfd5o wrote

It also takes time to sync each additional generator with the previous ones on the grid. There is a very fine window on the frequency. Just a tiny dip and everything goes down. Or explodes and catches fire.


lfcman24 t1_j5pgtv3 wrote

Syncing is usually not that hard. The problem is that you create tiny islands when restoring after blackout and count how much reserve you have if your largest contingency/generator trips in this case. Worst case if you pick too much load after power restoration and suddenly the largest generator trips, you are back to zero. Therefore, companies design their power restoration as small pockets, helps bring all generators online and also helps supporting different island. Synchronizing islands is a bitch but with moderns AVR and frequency regulators they are pretty doable.

Load restoration is a like a total gamble because it’s all done theoretically but rarely any engineers have seen it happen in reality.


Greedy-Creme-995 t1_j5iewcx wrote

Have they tried unplugging and plugging it back in?


Ehldas t1_j5j2ovm wrote

That's actually a major part of grid design, and unless you design and implement it properly it can be a monumental pain to actually restart the grid properly.

It's called a "Black Start" and is very hard to do, especially on an already dodgy and possibly damaged grid.


SkyFallingUp t1_j5jj004 wrote

They should try. Or maybe someone unplugged it to charge their phone. That 2% power left warning is no joke.


Original-Phase-5535 t1_j5if9yl wrote

The country’s finances are also suffering because of differences with The International Monetary Fund (IMF) over a review process, which has delayed the release of a $1.1 billion bailout tranche.


VoraciousTrees t1_j5jlxh8 wrote

Pakistan could sell their Ukrainian-made T80 tank fleet back to Ukraine. I'm sure there's a western country or two who could arrange the loans to pay for it.


noxx1234567 t1_j5k2sg2 wrote

They have probably already sold them without announcing , they are already selling almost all their artillery spare ammunition for $$


SacrificialPwn t1_j5iqo7e wrote

The article mentions it's the worst power outage since 2021, but I seem to remember a massive outage there a 2-3 months ago affecting most of the country. I think that time shut down water pumping stations and sewage in major cities, I'd assume the same with today's outage.


Zerole00 t1_j5k0b3t wrote

>The article mentions it's the worst power outage since 2021

lmao wow, 2 years


GayCer t1_j5ng6e9 wrote

That was due to the extreme rain and flooding of the biggest rivers.


macross1984 t1_j5im5dc wrote

That is crazy for electrical grid to fail so spectacularly.


Pakistani_in_MURICA t1_j5jkw65 wrote

Electrical grids are pretty vulnerable, especially when you decide to pocket the money for equipment that would have prevented this.


Gouzi00 t1_j5jnjff wrote

Or aksing supplier to produce clamps from Steel instead of tinned copper and selling them still with 500% profit..


OldMork t1_j5ijeeo wrote

frequency dropped, so probably overloaded?


VoraciousTrees t1_j5jlpjh wrote

Fun fact: Texas was 4 minutes from going black from this during that nasty winter storm a year or so ago.

I still think it's weird that they don't load shed the grid first...


Whatttttt123455 t1_j5k12ow wrote

Texas did load shed. The generation and fuel was not there, so load shed was the only option. There are strict federal guidelines in place for how to keep the grid secure. That falls under the authority of NERC, which falls under the authority of FERC. Texas had few guidelines or requirements on the generators and could enter or exit the market anytime they chose to do so. That is because Texas is a big oil and gas state. The Texas legislature does not want to put a burden on energy producers that could cut into their profits.They recently passed lip service laws to require inspections, but it won't do much if a situation like this were to occur again.


VoraciousTrees t1_j5k3r8j wrote

It did, just this winter, albeit on a much smaller scale.


Kinnasty t1_j5mqixu wrote

On the 23rd? ERCOT didn’t even call an EEA (emergency event), though real time electricity prices did get quite high.


[deleted] t1_j5jutq4 wrote



Pakistani_in_MURICA t1_j5kh2s2 wrote

Problem is honesty and commitment. My mom was a teacher there for 15 year but the education board has "no record" of her. She literally went to the retired headmaster's house to ask if she might have records of her time as the letters my mom has aren't "attested".

Want something done you need to pay everyone from the guy who brings chai in the office to the office manager. It was 10,000PKR back in 1983 to bribe an education official to get your middle school educated daughter a position to teach in high school. Yeah. You read that correctly.

The uphill battle to get an honest competent individual in position to do anything is impossible across the country.

Another example.

A provincial government set up a disaster management department. They hired internationally trained individuals to run it. Sounds good right?

Well the bureaucrats went up in a frenzy since a government department was outside their domain. So the solution? Stupid bureaucrats we're brought in to manage the trained disaster relief individuals and allocate funding.

Well we saw that funding when 1/3+ of the country was flooded and still people aren't getting relief supplies.

What happened to those relief supplies?

Well an even better question. You see tents were used as floor mats for a political rally.

There's no sense of accountability or collective good.

A police chief (I don't know his US equivalent) involved in numerous extrajudicial killings and theft was just declared innocent by a court.

The current government got the vast majority of their corruption cases dismissed and declared innocent while dozens of prosecutors and investigators involved in the cases have been assassinated.

What more examples do you want?

The children of these assholes are now migrating to the US/Canada/EU/Australia/New Zealand. Making songs to "spread the culture". While their parents in Pakistan are beating their underpaid servants and serfs.


narayans t1_j5kpsqk wrote

Wow. Just getting rid of rampant corruption would make it less suffocating to live in

Back in the day in Chennai, India I had to pay a bribe to just take a driver's license test. If you don't they'll harass you by making you wait for hours and/or by asking you to come again another day, but if you pony up, they'll hand you a license even if you don't test well. So yeah I did the unethical deed and I deserve to be punished for it, but I digress

Once I was pulled over for "drunk driving", the cop asked for money; I told the cop I've never even tasted alcohol (which was true) and he said think of it as a gift and lowered the price to 200 Rupees/5 USD, and I kid you not he tried to say it nicely. It's the same tactic where they'll turn hostile if you don't play along.

With digitization, things have gotten better I believe


Pakistani_in_MURICA t1_j5kqhml wrote

We have "chai pulana" what do you guys have over there?


narayans t1_j5ks3es wrote

What does pulana translate to? The cop used the word "anbalippu" which in Tamil translates to gift


Lawfulness_Character t1_j5lcdvx wrote

Exaggerate much about Texas because uninformed crying on the internet is more fun than educating yourself?

Texas is quickly approaching political parity.

It's the 2nd most populous state in the country.

It's the fastest growing state in the country by net population growth.

It is the 4th fastest growing state in the country by population growth per capita.


happyjelly97 t1_j5kaqri wrote

Hello I am from here and the way the light fluctuated before going out, it definitely looked like something was wrong. We just got our light back about an hour ago, meaning the light was gone for about 13 hours. Luckily, we had a generator since this happens a lot, but even that was only running for about half the time.


letsgometros t1_j5j6cq1 wrote

The poor Tekken players what will they do


siafega t1_j5jaw1u wrote

Yeah, the poor Tekken players... 🙄 Goofy asshole


baishkiaak t1_j5kdj0f wrote

Thats what happens when your main export is terrorism and nuclear tech to dictators instead of actually investing in development.


nvrtrynvrfail t1_j5k7ax4 wrote

Also this:

Now Pakistan wants closer ties with India? I smell a fishing one will bail them out, so they shamelessly turn to the one country they stole land from and fought multiple wars with...


AmeriToast t1_j5m4itv wrote

If it leads to better relations with India than that will be good. Can't let the bad blood go on forever.


nvrtrynvrfail t1_j5p487h wrote

True, but it's like a beaten down Russian negotiating with MFs, give our land back, then we'll talk...


Agreeable-Bicycle-78 t1_j5kk2mc wrote

I moved to Pakistan 2 yrs ago from the states

tbh, it was kinda like meh it’ll be fine

No one freaked out and I didn’t rly see anything out of the normal

Life in a developing country is wild but I’ll tell ya, I don’t freak out about problems like I used to living out west. Nothing seems like a crazy big deal anymore, you adapt and keep moving

Powers back by the way, bout to watch me some HBO


3434rich t1_j5ip181 wrote

Are there really 220million people in Pakistan? That’s sounds like a lot for a country that size!


Hygochi t1_j5irba7 wrote

It's the Indian subcontinent. India itself now has more people than China. There's an insane amount of people in the region.


clanlord t1_j5j8qtd wrote

fertile land caused this explosion from many centuries. This is why china india pak bangladesh region is populated.


MostValuable t1_j5jdhcu wrote

A big reason they have more people is because they grew rice instead of wheat before globalization. Rice per acre provides almost 3x the calories as wheat so it can sustain many more people per acre of farmland.

Today corn is king which is why you see so many products containing corn derivatives


Grace_Alcock t1_j5k3ggh wrote

And competent centralized govt for a few millennia. Apparently more competent than right now…


AmeriToast t1_j5m5yzx wrote

Just remember that more than half of all humans live in the south east Asia area. Really puts things into perspective.


ivorytowels t1_j5k917f wrote

South Africa would like a word….


Infinite-Outcome-591 t1_j5k59l7 wrote

OMG, that's a major outage and a lot of people affected! Hope the power utility gets it up and running soon!


VariationRelevant923 t1_j5kptk0 wrote

I feel so bad for those living in Pakistan, rural India, Bangladesh, rural China, and Sub Saharan Africa who will face the brunt of the worst of climate change without strong systems in place to prevent catastrophic loss of life. I mean 2022 was a horrible year in Pakistan, one of strongest heatwaves recorded, reaching 52 degrees C, and then followed by devastating floods, which were so bad you could easily see them from space.


sagarmahapatra t1_j5l81yo wrote

Ummm rural India actually has it good depending on the state. It's clean, green and beautiful. Look up Mawsynram on YouTube or Google. Odisha, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh. Plenty of states with beautiful villages with abundance.


Ultimo_Ninja t1_j5lkyl0 wrote

Pakistan chose to spend money on its military over everything else. That choice has its consequences.


i_hate_dinner t1_j5ks90q wrote

When religious extremism and Military are put in one pot


Gofigurepipes t1_j5kyoa6 wrote

Don’t ask Americans for any help!


jollyjam1 t1_j5lnz2y wrote

What's the reasoning for this, is it associated with the major flooding they had?


chocoboyc t1_j5m5ied wrote

Not saying the Chinese did this, but they have been on Pakistan's ass for a while for not paying the Chinese companies the money owed for building and operating these power plants.


Necessary_Row_4889 t1_j5li6i4 wrote

Does that include those without running water and electricity before the outage? If so this outage is only affecting like 100 folks.


Linophryne t1_j5jamox wrote

They should ask the West for help.


snharisa t1_j5jyaej wrote

That's all they do.


Kidog1_9 t1_j5k31ig wrote

And then they blame the west for whatever random reason pops up. Damn, I miss imran Khan and his idiocy. DYK he compared Pakistan's and Iran's shared border to that of Germany and Japan (which is nonexistent, btw)?


itzcharge t1_j5kjw6c wrote

I mean west is stupid enough to help them lol


Kidog1_9 t1_j5kkaer wrote

They do that pretty much only to get back at india in a petty way.


False_Fondant8429 t1_j5jft5x wrote

Nuclear power could be seen as a renewable clean source of energy, but it is far from being reliable


bohot_harami_hu t1_j5jju2m wrote

Yeah, let's give nuclear fuel to a country that gave nuclear technology to Libya and north korea and didn't even punish the guy who did it and instead pardoned him, what could go wrong


snharisa t1_j5jyn69 wrote

It's a land of cultivating terrorists. They supported Talibani Afghanistan takeover. Karma has striked back with taliban forming their own govt. within Pakistan.
They are not to be trusted with any technical advancements


whatkindofred t1_j5jltiz wrote

Nuclear is not renewable.


Grace_Alcock t1_j5k3ogp wrote

Not renewable, but highly efficient and much cleaner/safer than fossil fuels.


barath_s t1_j5kkm2o wrote

You just got to be able to make neutron stars collide - or the right kind of supernovae . That'd help you create uranium from hydrogen (with some extra steps).

Or you could skip that and go for fusion.

Eventually, of course, the universe will run down. somewhere between 10^13 to 10^23 years .. you don't want to wait until 10^67 or beyond...

At which point you got to learn how to create a new universe.

In other words, it is just that you don't have the tech to make nuclear renewable right now .


blainehamilton t1_j5ijy32 wrote

Possible EMP weapon test by another nation as a preparation for World War 3?


mtarascio t1_j5iklrl wrote

You got it mate.

You'll be in the history books for sure.


msemen_DZ t1_j5iogsr wrote

Well done mate, you've cracked the code.