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3434rich t1_j5ip181 wrote

Are there really 220million people in Pakistan? That’s sounds like a lot for a country that size!


Hygochi t1_j5irba7 wrote

It's the Indian subcontinent. India itself now has more people than China. There's an insane amount of people in the region.


clanlord t1_j5j8qtd wrote

fertile land caused this explosion from many centuries. This is why china india pak bangladesh region is populated.


MostValuable t1_j5jdhcu wrote

A big reason they have more people is because they grew rice instead of wheat before globalization. Rice per acre provides almost 3x the calories as wheat so it can sustain many more people per acre of farmland.

Today corn is king which is why you see so many products containing corn derivatives


Grace_Alcock t1_j5k3ggh wrote

And competent centralized govt for a few millennia. Apparently more competent than right now…


AmeriToast t1_j5m5yzx wrote

Just remember that more than half of all humans live in the south east Asia area. Really puts things into perspective.