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OppositeYouth t1_j6mbk0g wrote

Private destroys tank, reports it to sergeant Sergeant kills private, reports destroyed tank to Lieutenant. Lieutenant kills Sergeant, reports kill to General. General kills Lieutenant, getting the bounty. Proud Russian General on the front line destroying 100 by hand


CyanManta t1_j6o0rzb wrote

Do they even have any generals left at this point?


jellyvish t1_j6m1p2m wrote

so does that mean they leave the ukrainian tanks alone or they just get bonus points for western ones?


Blastie2 t1_j6m1zt9 wrote

It means Russian forces will report destroying 143 out of the 31 Abrams tanks within a month.


nonrandomusername17 t1_j6mu8j6 wrote

Make a Russian tank look like a western tank, burn it, claim money, leave Russia.


Vashyo t1_j6n7dko wrote

They lie their asses of already about destroying material...this is just gonna continue the cycle, lol.


_Zoko_ t1_j6n6vym wrote

It's still Russian troops doing it so they will still attack anything belonging to Ukraine. It's not like the put out a Facebook ad for this.

They're trying to incentivize people to take out the new tanks because they're not sure how to deal with them effectively, so they want their troops to do whatever they can to take them out. If they get 12 reports of destroyed tanks and 9 of them were killed in the same, or similar, fashion then they will start telling all their troops to use that method to deal with them.


roastbeeftacohat t1_j6mcput wrote

Bonus points for the high level mobs the men would rather run and hide from.


and_dont_blink t1_j6m6uzo wrote

How dumb would a Russian soldier have to be to think they'd actually get paid this bounty. I'm sure they'll eventually take out some tanks or and get some photos, but a higher up would pay will pay it to a friendly subordinate who'll kick back the majority.


joho999 t1_j6m3e4y wrote

Bet they don't get paid, it would have been cheaper and more of an incentive to offer a get out of the war free pass.


AlleKeskitason t1_j6m979t wrote

>offer a get out of the war free pass.

"Excellent job, comrade. Go home and let the less competent people take over from here. Wait a sec, now that we have inspected the tank, it's not destroyed by our definition. Forget what I said, give back the medal I just gave you and go back to the frontline to try again."


OldMork t1_j6m4sng wrote

the bounty will be cancelled after they paid for a million western tanks destroyed.


silverrain64 t1_j6mahlq wrote

Right, sure, they'll pay bounties. Just like they pay soldiers as promised in their contracts. Just like they pay death benefits. How many times can you pretend to throw the ball before the dog won't fetch anymore?


supercyberlurker t1_j6m9rw2 wrote

This is Russia, so do they mean Bounty paper towels?

I could see Russia offering their soldiers paper towels as a huge bonus.

I mean, in limited amounts, they wouldn't want them getting used to that kind of thing.


monkeywithgun t1_j6m4d6z wrote

Can't wait for the list of excuses over the next several months.


AggravatingBobcat574 t1_j6mhf2n wrote

I bet this is to incentivize the Russian troops not to turn tail and run at the first sight of an Abrams or Leopard.


Vacheron_XI t1_j6mbwx5 wrote

If at first you don't succeed, bribe, bribe again.


autotldr t1_j6m5iku wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 54%. (I'm a bot)

> A Russian company has offered a cash bounty of up to 5 million rubles for the destruction or capture of Western-made tanks recently promised to Ukraine by its European and American allies.

> Multiple Western countries including the United States and Germany announced they would provide advanced combat tanks to help boost Kyiv's military capacity last week, prompting Moscow to threaten any tanks shipped to Kyiv with destruction.

> Russian regional volunteer battalions also offered one-time payments and bonuses for the destruction of enemy heavy weaponry, including payments of up to 300,000 rubles for destroying an enemy tank or aircraft.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: tank^#1 rubles^#2 destruction^#3 capture^#4 Fores^#5


1badd t1_j6m9ghh wrote

There is also a bounty for dying in Ukraine, which is much easier to achieve than destroying a western tank.


StillBurningInside t1_j6mk16q wrote

With the modern optics and longer range, the truth is they have to get close enough to even try.


IronyElSupremo t1_j6n1prb wrote

Thing is tanks hunt in packs so taking a shot at one means the others know where you are (plus the supporting artillery to “dust” the area if their own infantry gets pulled back).

I remember in basic shooting the LAW (light anti tank weapon) and everyone was excited.. until the drill sergeant with the infantry badge relayed the actual info about tank units (another Rambo fantasy died hard). Trained troops know this but most Russians are being increasingly used as barely trained fodder in human wave attacks ..


ChomiQ84 t1_j6njw1h wrote

How many goats? Asking for a friend.


Arcades057 t1_j6o2fh0 wrote

This reminds me of the fake news "Russia offering bounties on Americans killed in Iraq/Syria."

I swear this war has more BS going on than any other lol


008Zulu t1_j6oi5br wrote

Russian Command: We pay bounty for each western tank you destroy!

Russian Soldiers: Is good, but, how do we destroy tank? We have no tractors.

Russian Command: Is your problem.


coenjaerts t1_j6m2f5y wrote

Russians: Let’s use resources that are not available.


anna_pescova t1_j6medex wrote

Unfortunately sanctions have resulted in a huge current account surplus in Russia due to import bans, accelerating the de-dollarization of its economy and driving the appreciation of the ruble. It's up over 40% against the $ from a year ago so they have no shortage of Rubles. It's just they can't purchase many foreign goods with them. And nobody else wants them!