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goodnewbadestnews t1_j6mwggq wrote

This is just opinion piece from a person who "was" an advisor. Like armchair experts like us, our opinion doesn't matter in grander scheme of geopolitics. Even if Obama criticise India it would mean jack shit.

Even Ukrainian President Zelensky has not criticised India. He even invited Indian PM to Ukraine.


SweetLemonCandy t1_j6noc0v wrote

I get that you are from India and feel the need to defend your home country but I criticize my own country quite a bit. You’d be better off facing the negative truth from time to time than sticking your head in the sand.

I provided multiple sources in my edit above. You haven’t provided any.

You criticized me as being an armchair expert, when this is Reddit. What on earth do you expect?

I provided an actual, expert opinion, which you criticized as being a former advisor as though that invalidates all his experience. You must be a troll because according to your mindset, there’s no reason to comment at all.