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MonsieurClickClick t1_j6l9rtm wrote

No, it is ridiculous. Sweden and Finland already have defense treaties outside of NATO. Both are EU members for example.

The idea that Sweden would sit by and refuse to let NATO run supply lines to Finland isn't just absurd, it's dumb.


oldspiceland t1_j6la4a5 wrote

The idea that Turkey would somehow be negatively effected by Sweden’s NATO membership is also dumb but here we are. Living in a world of dumb. Discussing dumb while talking about dumb theoretical situations.


MonsieurClickClick t1_j6la9q8 wrote

Lmao that's not why Turkey is being difficult. You really don't have a clue what you're talking about sweetheart.


oldspiceland t1_j6lae71 wrote

Honey I probably know more about this whole situation than you and your four closest friends but please, entertain me further.


[deleted] t1_j6lahum wrote



oldspiceland t1_j6laqdx wrote

Mmm. I expected better honestly. 2/10. Unoriginal and boring. Constructive criticism: find the nearest patch of grass and touch it, then ask the grass what it thinks about the situation because it probably knows more about it than you do.