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Dazzling-Ad4701 t1_j6c3cln wrote

oh boy. they're definitely having a bad weekend.


CapeTownMassive t1_j6cr3mz wrote

Smokers Amirite?!


random_nohbdy t1_j6e4zy4 wrote

Only when they’re Russian cigarettes

Must’ve started to export them


TheLit420 t1_j6e1alm wrote

Is this Israel doing or Ukraine or USA or just USA and Israel?


aussiespiders t1_j6ebd57 wrote



rkincaid007 t1_j6epu1a wrote

I doubt US has much to do with this on any operational level. I would venture Israel can handle their own SF missions for the most part.

If anyone besides Israel were to come to light as being involved I would put money on it being some partisans before I would any other foreign governments.


Faptain__Marvel t1_j6f12q0 wrote

My first thought was partisans. But living in Texas it also seems clear that sometimes refineries just catch on fire as a result of refining explosive fuels.


geedavey t1_j6fonhy wrote

YouTuber Ryan Macbeth points out that Israel is out of range for the Israeli-made drone that was spotted over this target, but Iran is supporting Armenia against Azerbaijan, which is supported by israel, Turkey, and others. Azerbaijan (and many others) uses Israeli drones.


FoolInTheDesert t1_j6fvrgt wrote

The Israelis established an airbase and a close relationship with the Azerbaijanis over a decade ago. They can project force and hit Iran from multiple directions.


geedavey t1_j6fwn7x wrote

True. But Azerbaijan has its own reasons for doing this attack, and this particular target isn't in Israel's strategic interest.


Dazzling-Ad4701 t1_j6es86d wrote

I don't even want to speculate. I know far too little about politics in that area. but I hope (and actually believe) it's not the us.

previous us administrations have done this kind of thing, or at least had a john wayne-y mindset that fitted with this kind of thing. but it doesn't really track with Biden and Blinken, for me. however I'm not American.


LatterTarget7 t1_j6bw0f5 wrote

These are definitely coordinated attacks. My bet is on Israel and the Saudis working together. But Iran has a lot of enemies


canadianredditor16 t1_j6c7p8z wrote

I suppose it’s possible but I think a more likely ally in such an operation would be the Azerbaijanis they are close partners and Israel have agreements to use air bases in the country.


canadianredditor16 t1_j6c81b5 wrote

And Azerbaijan unlike the saudis are not afraid to openly work with the state of Israel.


BrotherAdultMan t1_j6d4ggt wrote

Egypt is also openly working with Israel, but their people hate Israel.


Csalbertcs t1_j6di1zj wrote

That’s not just an Egypt thing in that region.


MostlyComments t1_j6dzk9p wrote

Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, UAE they are all not so secretly friends with Israel at this point


Csalbertcs t1_j6e1a7o wrote

Yes, but let me tell you the people of those nations absolutely hate that friendship.


MostlyComments t1_j6e2hi8 wrote

Oh definitely, I lived in Jordan for a short time while learning Arabic and saw that first hand.

Jordan has a huge Palestinian population and they have some strong feelings for Israelis...


Csalbertcs t1_j6e4gd7 wrote

Absolutely, you know it brother. We got to see some of those feelings during the recent World Cup as well.


[deleted] t1_j6e3aou wrote



Csalbertcs t1_j6e5lgx wrote

I can tell you that those were responsible for creating Israel quite likely did not expect this vitriol or steadfastness from the Arab world.

The Arab countries are struggling big time, there are schemes that turn Arab against Arab instead of helping each other. Countries like Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria were wealthy (not really Syria but there economy was growing incredibly fast from 2006-2010) but the destabilizing forces don't like strong neighbouring rival countries. Divisions over religion are causing quite the stir as well, where those differences would be celebrated in a country like Canada.


[deleted] t1_j6e6ma5 wrote



Csalbertcs t1_j6e746j wrote

Inshallah things will get better. I think with higher income and access to internet the future will be brighter.


pwnerofnoob t1_j6dytht wrote

They are also close enough to lunch the drones that were suspected to be used in these strikes


bishamon72 t1_j6e0rfp wrote

Lunching the drones is ok, just don’t wine and dine them.


jackolivier45 t1_j6cg0uj wrote

I really anticipated something serious would have started in Iran after Netanyahu returned. Back in the days he really wanted to start a war against Iran together with US but the US decided not to fall into the trap. Maybe now he will be successful in his aims. But I am not sure about the whole situation in the middle east, I just base my opinion on tens of hours of documentaries about the whole pretext of the current situation.


LumixShill t1_j6cxuib wrote

From listening to Pod Save the World routinely it sounds like that was more or less a promise Netanyahu is making.

I agree with another one of the comments here that these recent infrastructure attacks in Iran are probably, at their root, directed by the Israelis.

Really unfortunate time to be stirring up shit though, imo. With the link between Iran and Russia solidifying it could easily be interpreted as another "Western" power directly attacking Russian goals.

My heart tells me that is good, but I really worry about escalation. We're heading towards a very bloody Spring regardless.


Law-of-Poe t1_j6da17s wrote

Our fears of “escalation” are allowing authoritarians to run wild. we are at or approaching a watershed moment in the world. We either stop (directly or indirectly) these oppressors in their tracks or we tell them we don’t have the willpower to do so.

And China is watching carefully to see what the collective willpower is


LumixShill t1_j6dbaop wrote

I'm not saying "do nothing". Maybe I'm just naive and worn out because I served in the military for nearly a decade during two wars, and grew up in the era of numerous international peace talks, but I'd really like to see a little bit more effort put into diplomatic solutions before we rattle so many sabers.


Law-of-Poe t1_j6ddkuo wrote

I would too and there are wars that I don’t agree with (probably the ones you’re mentioning) but when it comes to Russia, I don’t see diplomacy going very far at all. They’ve broken nearly all of their “peace” treaties and operate like the mob. What they’re trying to do is join with other belligerent nations in upending the democratic world order. If we let this come to pass we will be in a world of pain.

China is being icy to them now because they’re failing so hard and because China benefits a lot from their entanglements with the west. But if things ever tip in Russias favor, I wouldn’t be surprised to see China jump at the opportunity to switch to a more aggressive stance against the west as it may be their one opportunity to upend the current structure.

The west is not perfect and has committed a lot of atrocities but I always have to ask myself…do I want to live under a world order whereby liberal and democratic western countries set the rules or one where countries like Russia and china have an equal say


FoolInTheDesert t1_j6fw970 wrote

Diplomacy can quickly become appeasement and the wars that result from appeasement have historically been far worse than the wars that were fought because diplomacy just didn't work in the first place.


[deleted] t1_j6dy4wv wrote



Law-of-Poe t1_j6dze76 wrote

I’d say Iraq and Afghanistan were not dangers to the larger global order. Russia, in combination with Iran and others is absolutely a threat.


ModsEnthusiast t1_j6d0den wrote

>it could easily be interpreted as another "Western" power directly attacking Russian goals.

so what, honestly? who will this convince that doesn't already hate the 'west' ?


LumixShill t1_j6d1mnl wrote

It's less about the public perception and more about the kind of impetus that open war between Iran and Israel could add to the current global tensions.

You can look in my profile to find plenty of instances of me criticizing Joe Biden, but I personally think his defense staff has been smart to slowly ramp up the kinds of weaponry being given to Ukraine.

There's a benefit to ramping up slowly because at the end of the day these military decisions are still being made by people, and "here's all our top tier military tech on day one" ramps up tension to 11 and may result in some unfortunate decisions.

The more open war to manage, the harder it will be to keep that balance between ensuring Ukrainian victory, and not causing something like tactical nukes or other WMDs to be deployed.


ModsEnthusiast t1_j6d203p wrote

>It's less about the public perception and more about the kind of impetus that open war between Iran and Israel could add to the current global tensions.

the world has been expecting this war for like 50 years now, it seems inevitable unless something very drastic happens. Like how the fall of the soviet union stopped WW3 from seeming inevitable


LumixShill t1_j6d2fhy wrote

We were actually quite close to smoothing relations with Iran during the JCPOA negotiations, but I agree that any relief of tensions that resulted from those dialogues has been completely undone and likely cannot be recovered at this point.


thisplacemakesmeangr t1_j6d43og wrote

I vaccilate between this take and a darker view including defense contractors and entrenched wealth. Given the same options I'd take Biden every time but this geriatric bullshit has got to go. How many employers out there are clamoring for 80 year olds to run their companies? Wtf are we doing letting them run the world


Governmentwatchlist t1_j6emgsu wrote

This is a really interesting point. If you wouldn’t want them to lead your 11th grade choir program, why do we want them leading the free world.


BrainBlowX t1_j6cqziu wrote

Israel? Maybe. But the Saudis I believe are just too incompetent to be able to coordinate stuff like this abroad in a hostile nation.


Midnight2012 t1_j6f1dsj wrote

Yeah, in sure that drone factory is also making drones used by the houthis against Saudia Arabia. As well as by syrians against israel. As well as being used by Russia against Ukraine. Plus the kurds. And the USA doesn't approve either.

Kurds or Saudi Arabia would be the likely candidates that can get drones into Iran without crossing another countries airspace. I always wonder how Israel got to get Iran to bomb it back in the day. They would have had to cross several hostile countries to even get to iran.


Contain_the_Pain t1_j6fek1c wrote

Maybe, but I’m they sure know how to make a fat deposit to a numbered bank account


Wounded_Hand t1_j6dgrrb wrote

Maybe multiple countries have formed a joint anti-Iran coalition and meet one Thursday a month.


supertastic t1_j6dnpr5 wrote

It's pretty remarkable if they thought they would get away with supporting russia in their attack on freedom and democracy in Europe. Well, fuck around and find out.


[deleted] t1_j6celxr wrote



crusty_fleshlight t1_j6cevmp wrote

Very different flavor of Islam. Saudi and Iran pretty much hate each other.


canadianredditor16 t1_j6ckho6 wrote

They follow different sects of islam One shia and one Sunni and both states have been in a Cold War for decades.

The saudis while publicly hostile to Israel has had a history of secret cooperation in the past


wolfie379 t1_j6cojh2 wrote

Think of it as the Islamic version of “The Troubles”. Extremely conservative Catholics and extremely conservative Protestants are both extremely conservative Christians - and look how well they get along with each other in Ireland.


Enasakoma t1_j6cgwoq wrote

Both follow very conservative versions but the versions themselves are extremely different.


foobarijk t1_j6cmb7h wrote

What are the differences other than disagreeing on who should have been the caliph some 1300 years ago? (and one side losing a battle at Karbala, plus the ceremonies commemorating said loss).


Postcocious t1_j6d7om6 wrote

What are the differences between Protestant and Catholic, other than believing who should be in charge?

To an outsider, the differences between one sect and another often appear insignificant. To those within the sects, their beliefs are essential to their identity. Any threat to a person's essential beliefs may result in extreme violence.

Those differences led to the 30 Years War, which killed 5-8 million Central Europeans back when the only weapon was a short-range musket with a bayonet. The Troubles in Ireland came from the same cause.

By design, monotheistic religions create in-groups and out-groups. If my religion is the one and only truth, then your religion - by definition - is false. Since both cannot be true, the very existence of one threatens the other's most basic beliefs, and vice-versa. These intractable disagreements may lead to extreme and prolonged violence, each side fighting until it is literally exhausted of all people and resources.

For a brilliant take on the foolish seriousness behind religious wars, read 'Gulliver's Travels', Book I. Are you a Big Endian, or a Little Endian. Your life depends on your answer.


foobarijk t1_j6h03h1 wrote

I don't dispute that they see themselves as different and may resort to extreme violence over these differences. I was just questioning the statement that they are "extremely different". Even to themselves, I doubt that is the case. The magnitude of induced violence is not necessarily correlated to the magnitude of the difference, and in fact, as demonstrated in your example, may even be inversely correlated.


Postcocious t1_j6hsg1f wrote

Thanks for clarifying and sorry if I misread your comment.

>The magnitude of induced violence is not necessarily correlated to the magnitude of the difference...

Completely agree.

>... may even be inversely correlated.

A fascinating concept that, if true, speaks to a psychological rather than a doctrinal basis for such violence.


notimeforbuttstuff t1_j6cqv5j wrote

Because Catholics and Protestants are exactly the same too. They love each other, just ask Ireland.


LatterTarget7 t1_j6de9zf wrote

Iran and saudis are both Islamic. But they interpret it differently. They hate each other for other reasons too I think.

But Saudi Arabia and Israel joined forces in an anti Iran alliance.


Kissmyanthia1 t1_j6cx04s wrote

Saudis and Iran absolutely hate each other's guts. Saudi's will work with Israel to any degree if it's against Iran.


L0ckeandDemosthenes t1_j6bxkr0 wrote

There was a fiiiire fiiight.


DeMalgamnated t1_j6cfwsb wrote

2023 shaping up to be a hell of a year.


Five_bucks t1_j6d18c9 wrote

I feel it in my bones that the world is going to be at war within the next couple of years.

The undercurrent of aggression and grievance that has been bubbling on the form of conservative movements like Brexit, Putin, Tea Party/MAGA, Bolsanero, Netanyahu, etc.

I don't think the pressure that has built will be relieved until people witness first-hand the bloodshed and devastation of war. Eventually, I think they will get tired of war, quiet down, and be peaceful for another couple of decades.

The rest of us will just have to suffer through the tantrum.


obliviousofobvious t1_j6d90q3 wrote

Years? My dude/dudette, I'm worried that 2023 IS the year we go WWIII.

We have more incidents happening faster and faster. We don't know Putin's health status exactly but there's public intelligence that says he's dying of something. Bibi has a veeery hard line gov't and, if this was Israel, Iran will not sit idly by. I expect retaliation.

The inly real benefit to Canada and the US is that we have two massive oceans surrounding us so all of this doesn't bring feelings of impending doom.....yet.


Lucifer1177 t1_j6e0uiq wrote

Me in Canada: Thank god


DieFlavourMouse t1_j6ftx4r wrote

Don't forget we share a huge maritime border with Russia. It's going to take more than a couple skidoos in Churchill.


Lucifer1177 t1_j6fye8b wrote

Russia's Navy is a complete joke, it's only aircraft carrier is so badly maintained, that it's considered a punishment to be stationed there, I think Canada can handle Russia


HoarseCock83 t1_j6ga0q3 wrote

Canada does not have a carrier, and we’ve got a clown for PM. Russia will roll us


Intrepid_School_5402 t1_j6gl9mn wrote

They could control the sea against Canada, but not much more. I doubt the rest of NATO would let them do even that anyways.


pzerr t1_j6drxmf wrote

Energy policy in the West is a complete shit show. We are crippling our oil industry resulting in countries like Russia becoming energy giants. And the results of an emboldened Russia is pretty clear now.

We need to save like Norway in that we encourage clean energy while maintaining our fossil fuel industries. That is until clean energy can actually displace it world wide.


[deleted] t1_j6dwl93 wrote



pzerr t1_j6fdner wrote

We could easily be producing far more taking world markets from Russia, Saudi Arabia etc. The US canceled Keystone alone resulting in oil now coming from Venezuela. This is incredible dangerous and short sighted.


[deleted] t1_j6flaxu wrote



pzerr t1_j6g5gvv wrote

Of course it adds to lack of supply. Reducing that method of transport just makes investment in North America that much less. As we seeing, that investment is being made by countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia...


the_Dachshund t1_j6eyc32 wrote

The US doesn’t need neighbors to get destroyed. You guys are doing a great job achieving that internally.


ericchen t1_j6fxk9j wrote

Mexico might have a drug lord problem, but Canada seems pretty stable? What’s going to tear them apart internally? Is it the French people experiences Frenchness?


ericchen t1_j6fxc4i wrote

Lol remember a few years back when some important Iranian got droned and everyone thought we were gonna be sent off to war?


creativename87639 t1_j6bu20l wrote

Assuming this is via drone strike or other form of attack like the others, while I’m not sure my opinion on this all yet this is showing Irans military is only good for massacring their citizens and nothing more.


Pieniek23 t1_j6bugt3 wrote

Do they have camel mortars?


19Barra74 t1_j6c2whb wrote

Take it from the Russians, someone dropped a cigarette.


angelcake t1_j6c20x4 wrote

Well that should put the price up at the pumps by morning even though we don’t get any of our oil from Iran.


joho999 t1_j6c93i0 wrote

yeah, but the people who do will then start buying more from places you do.


monkeywithgun t1_j6c9pb7 wrote

The sad thing about that is that even if it doesn't, your prices are still going up.


angelcake t1_j6faiaa wrote

That was the point I was trying to make. Prices everywhere will be impacted by something that happened in a country from which we do not buy oil, because the entire system is corrupt.


Contain_the_Pain t1_j6ffmn4 wrote

Oil is a fungible commodity traded on a global scale. It doesn’t matter where you personally get your oil if people sound the world start bidding higher prices because they’re suddenly freaked out by a real or imagined supply shock.


Grizzlybear12345 t1_j6bovfb wrote

I'm sure they'll blame the west for it.


Mirathecat22 t1_j6bpmek wrote

Consensus seems to point to Israel, launched from Azerbaijan


cobrakai11 t1_j6btdzd wrote

I mean multiple sites in Iran were all attacked, so it's likely.


[deleted] t1_j6bu0yz wrote

So, what happens in the coming days?


revmaynard1970 t1_j6bw59p wrote

Not much, just a lot of posturing from Iran. They know they cant fuck with israel military so they will just arm Hamas and get Palestinians killed


GroblyOverrated t1_j6d0o12 wrote

Some Saudi news site just blamed the US. Boy was that quick investigative reporting lol.


OfficialDeVel t1_j6cd6ni wrote

Very good, Iran is supporting russia with drones


jert3 t1_j6cq9pi wrote

The little green drones were just on vacation.


michelb t1_j6cvk30 wrote

Would this and the other attacks hinder Iran's ability to make ammo and drones for Russia?


Mindraker t1_j6cks2s wrote

If this is part of the Ukraine/Russia conflict, things just got big, fast.


Million2026 t1_j6bp1fv wrote

Gas prices to the moon!


Contain_the_Pain t1_j6ffzbl wrote

This was a refinery, so it shouldn’t affect raw petroleum production


Very_Severe_End t1_j6crlbn wrote

From the Israeli Mossad with love to Ukraine Who could have possibly done it?


ElRetardoSupreme t1_j6dyqbh wrote

Definitely not Related and total coincidence with the Ammo warehouse going up in flames


Hamelinz t1_j6c7etc wrote

They came in like a wrecking ball!


P4S5B60 t1_j6cz1n5 wrote

Having a bad weekend


BigBadMur t1_j6bz53f wrote

I believe the camel spit is pretty powerful!


Ric_FIair t1_j6dn2rb wrote

Need better counterspies. Inca’s are always up to something.


superthrowguy t1_j6dr25u wrote

Eta until this oil fire, which can't be sold to the US, causes US gas prices to spike :)


CharToll t1_j6esdt0 wrote

I blame WIsconsin.


MidniteOwl t1_j6fx73v wrote

Things that have relations with Russia seem to explode lately. I wonder if anything in mainland China or North Korea will suddenly go kaboom?


guava_eternal t1_j6j03fx wrote

That’s a bonafide hell on earth.


JohnJDumbear t1_j6capx1 wrote

That photo looks like a face. It’s freaking me out!


delsignd t1_j6d6dym wrote

Watch all of you call a retaliation attack “unprovoked”


Winterfrost691 t1_j6daxzz wrote

Considering Iran's involvement in supplying Russia, this was the retaliation.


Guilotas t1_j6bqnsu wrote

Well, whatever idiot Iranian that did can blame it on the West and he's free