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79r100 t1_j5oe40z wrote

I’m all for the support Ukraine is getting but an equal amount from all western nations should go to this administration to protect it’s forests. For the sake of our planet.

To me, this is a great way to start the year of the rabbit. Heal this motherfucker.

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CalmRadBee t1_j5q0pv6 wrote

Unfortunately Lula is further left than most western nations, who will dismantle Socialist nations at first opportunity


vitorgrs t1_j5q8mfk wrote

Lula is not socialist though lol


CalmRadBee t1_j5qp7s5 wrote

Lol what do you think the workers party is? Do some research bud


vitorgrs t1_j5qqk04 wrote

I'm Brazilian, pretty sure I know what Workers Party is.


CalmRadBee t1_j5r2wx3 wrote

Social democrat then, either way my statement stands regarding western powers


beckeiche t1_j5qg3g1 wrote

He is a communist when it comes to the population money and his friends pockets right ?


vitorgrs t1_j5qgd1j wrote

being a thief has no relation to ideology, if that's what you mean.


beckeiche t1_j5qgflr wrote

Ussr would like to disagree with you


vitorgrs t1_j5qhq1p wrote

I also have a plenty of corrupt right-wingers people. What are you saying?