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flaccidcolon t1_j5p1n0m wrote

Wow, is this good news I'm reading?


CalmRadBee t1_j5q0fbx wrote

Lula is hope for a better world!


beckeiche t1_j5qlcrm wrote

He is a politician. He will do everything and anything to show he is the good guy ! Truly hope this time around show results. Cuz the last time his government lead to a broken economy a rise of right wing extremism and at shit ton of money missing from public funds ….


CalmRadBee t1_j5qp2h0 wrote

Luckily he has a proven track record of fighting for social progress and unions. Right wing extremism reactionaries will always rise when leftist leaders stand up


beckeiche t1_j5qpa8h wrote

Also have a awesome track record of not keeping track of public money in place and using those progressive policies to further funnel money into his Allie’s and him self pretty awesome IMR !!!


CalmRadBee t1_j5qpenv wrote

Can you send me your source so we can discuss?


beckeiche t1_j5qq1gl wrote

Don’t you have google ? Or u are going to reference the fact they annulled the sentence just because it was second conviction (bullshit law) and not because it wasn’t true ? Ask the investors if they got their money back hahaha


Outlander_-_ t1_j5rzss2 wrote

“Even though Lula is not in the dock, it his government and his political machine that are there on trial,” Cesar said.

Oh so it wasn’t Lula… just some people left over from his government.

Your bias is showing, my guy.


ZeroBearing t1_j5skvf6 wrote

Why is the left always blamed for the rise of right wing extremism?

That shit is grassroots


Chu2k t1_j5qnfe3 wrote

Depends. These Brazilian indians have shown time and time again that they love money more than their ancestral lands, nature, etc.