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LloydAtkinson t1_j5pgem2 wrote

Meanwhile other countries use bricks, because they are civilized. You can literally dig clay from almost anywhere on the planet.


79r100 t1_j5phpza wrote

Have you tried to hire a mason lately?

Holy god, if anyone listening wants to make a good living and feels a little lost- become a brick tender and in 10 years you can name your price.

Make sure to get health coverage and cover yourself on your work comp policy. You’ll need it.


RoscoePSoultrain t1_j5pr64g wrote

I tried but didn't know the secret tickle handshake.

Seriously though, being a mason is some hard yakka. Very high wrist loads, often with impact, and constant exposure to stone and concrete dust.


seapulse t1_j5ptluk wrote

Don’t bricks have some amount of sand/concrete in them, which we are also facing a global shortage of? I’m the first person to protest deforestation, but there is something beneficial about a building material being farmable.

oh god minecraft has had it right all along


ask-me-about-my-cats t1_j5qd2xm wrote

Yeah great let's use brick housing in California. That won't kill millions of people.


LongFluffyDragon t1_j5r3qtx wrote

Mining is far from non-destructive, and you cant farm clay.

Building with bricks is also incredibly stupid in any area that gets hot or has earthquakes. We are going to see a lot of stone and brick buildings being torn down in europe in the next decade due to becoming uninhabitable.