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Greedy-Creme-995 t1_j6ll4rx wrote

I never understand the government.

It’s like either listen to the demands of the people who make the world move, or don’t listen to them and have mass disruptions in industries that will affect many people.

The government always chooses the latter, more difficult, option.


AMeasuredBerserker t1_j6m7mkz wrote

It's almost like raising the retirement age might be necessary in what I also assume is an aging country like pretty much every Western country.


TheSexualSocialist t1_j6nlx8v wrote

Official reports actually show that the retirement system in France is fine.

They did the measure because they lowered industry taxes, it's written in the reform.


mbmbmb01 t1_j6mal7u wrote

62 is way too early to retire. Are they forced to retire or can they work a few more years? If they can, they should get a higher monthly pension amount when they do retire.


AMeasuredBerserker t1_j6mgxas wrote

Certainly makes sense! I dont think the French realise how good they have it.