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valvaro t1_j6klnlr wrote

Why cant they just do it silently? Announcement will prompt Rusia to hasten their preparation and Ukraine will lose the initiative/surprise effect.


decomposition_ t1_j6km211 wrote

Unfortunately for us Russia is not gathering their intelligence by waiting for redditors to post information on r/worldnews, so this article doesn't really change anything in regards to the element of surprise.


locri t1_j6knysu wrote

Russian intelligence advised against the invasion even during the hearing for it itself, Putin notably said "speak clearly" to the FSB head to kick him in line and say the invasion will be over quickly.

The Russian system is weird, there's a reason they're doing horribly.


decomposition_ t1_j6ko7wk wrote

Highly recommend watching Perun on YouTube, he does very thorough videos on various aspects of the Russia/Ukraine war and focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of both sides and seems to do a good job of being unbiased to either side when it comes to purely analysis of what is going on


Ok-Cardiologist302 t1_j6l6my9 wrote

To be fair they've always done horrible in the first year then they just keep throwing bodies at the problem till they make gains.


valvaro t1_j6kmgz3 wrote

I get that but what other things will be achieved by the announcement? If it is to coax others to do the same, I'm pretty sure all governments involved have been talking to each other behind the scene.


Jazzlike-Equipment45 t1_j6kosoy wrote

It is Austrailia and France trying to grow closer to NATO. Russia is surprsingly good at using spies and probably knew this was comming so there is little need for secrecy.

Ukraine will need regular shells as since the line is largely static Russia (a country famous for its use of arty) is in its element. It can't advance well but can make life hell. If Ukraine wants to win the arty war and go on the offensive it will need the shells to sustain a long term bombardment. Arty shells dry up really quick when you use them for long periods of time, for example the American's fired 1.2 million of them in the Ardenes offensive.


flight_recorder t1_j6lgixp wrote

For those that are wondering, the Ardennes offensive was 6 weeks.

The USA used 1.2 million artillery rounds in 6 weeks. That’s 1,100 shells per hour, every hour, for a month and a half


brettzio t1_j6kqtq1 wrote

The point is exactly to announce support on the world stage.


locri t1_j6kmc5t wrote

It's demoralising to the Russians, which is intended. Ukraine will not run out of supplies.


efrique t1_j6kxb8a wrote

Showing public solidarity has a number of advantages, and it's unlikely Russia would be unaware of such developments for long.

Announcements often encourage other countries to follow suit with additional help. Lots of countries announcing aid also helps spread the backlash from Russia around. It's easy for them to bully a handful of countries; its much harder when it's dozens of countries.


Kent_Knifen t1_j6kqxqj wrote

Tbh I just assume every announcement comes 2 weeks after action is made.


y2jeff t1_j6lupus wrote

It's a statement of support for Ukraine and almost certainly a popular domestic move in both countries