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AMeasuredBerserker t1_j6lbrjx wrote

More of a story for Australian and French relations than one about Ukraine sadly, but at least the Ukrainians get some shells out of this modest rekindling I guess.


Thommohawk117 t1_j6m7zki wrote

Yeah, the amount of shells this project will be making is really quite small. My feeling is that this is both an olive branch from the Aus Labor Government to France and a chance for both the Aus and French Defence industries to begin improving munitions manufacturing. A very big lesson from Ukraine for the world is just how much ammo is used in a modern war.


StrongPangolin3 t1_j6mvqbw wrote

yeah, the 'just in time' style production form the war on terror where a company sized force would be a big thing is kinda out the window now. We literally need millions of shells and billions of rifle rounds sitting ready. If anything, only the US was seriously stocking stuff in reserves, and that's probably only serendipitously happening because some ammo contract was in a marginal district or some shit.


bluGill t1_j6nc7p7 wrote

I think just in time production is correct. However what we are missing is massive numbers of factories that can scale up production fast. (including their entire supply chain). That is a lot of factories that have the ability to produce 10,000 per day, but in reality only are turned on for a few hours every year to make sure everything still works.


88rosomak t1_j6ml091 wrote

It is not modern war, it is WW1 style war. West will end war against Russia in few weeks with massive precision long range strikes destroying their communications, electricity, weapons storage and paralysing logistics. War in Ukraine is far from being modern. It is WW1 with some fancy toys.


Swift_F0x t1_j6n134x wrote

Yeah the big difference is the US and Europe have thousands of combat aircraft including hundreds of stealth aircraft capable of deep penetration through layered air defenses, something neither Russia or Ukraine have. It’s got to the point where conventional cruise missiles can be taken out by some dude with a stinger if they know they are coming too. Stealth is a necessity now.