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Web_Automatic t1_j6c7a9a wrote

Good for nato. Would be neat to see a country in asia in nato


GothicGolem29 t1_j6ez4om wrote

Im not sure that’s possible in NATOS articles it seems to state only European countries can join


bestofwhatsleft t1_j6c9r92 wrote

China would be a solid ally.

Just imagine the look on Putins face...


Web_Automatic t1_j6c9trj wrote

Indeed but too bad that would never happen. If anything probably south korea or japan would be.


RickDimensionC137 t1_j6cbhto wrote

Taiwan would be epic.


ShareYourIdeaWithMe t1_j6cko92 wrote

Taiwan, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines... United we stand, divided we fall.


Web_Automatic t1_j6cbnmu wrote

Lol and probably piss off china good chunk of the world doesnt consider taiwan not being part of china


qainin t1_j6cj9yn wrote

Taiwan was never Chinese.


BBQFLYER t1_j6d2qz5 wrote

But very entwined over the centuries whether they liked it or not. It’s time tho that the west stand up and recognize Taiwan as it’s own sovereign nation.


HoMasters t1_j6e67rv wrote

Tell me you know nothing about China-America relations without telling me about China-America relations.