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linklolthe3 t1_j6jr0l5 wrote

It's a shame that armoured ambulances need to exist. But that's what happens when your opponent does warcrimes.


bhuddistchipmonk t1_j6jszb6 wrote

And that’s why Israel has them too


Used-Lie-5150 t1_j6k8aa3 wrote

I had a teacher who is also a paramedic. During the second intifada they would drive into the middle of a fire fight and he would jump out and grab the injured and get out of there.


onecrazyguy1 t1_j6ljkgf wrote

Sadly innocent civilians are even attacked at hospitals,, Palestinians kidnapped an innocent Druze boy and he died, right from a hospital.


faciepalm t1_j6lq38x wrote

Would be more specific to say hamas terrorists, no? It's not like the Afghan war was about fighting the Afghanistanis but rather the Taliban


onecrazyguy1 t1_j6lrxbq wrote

No they were random Palestinians in the West Bank that were part of a different group. The PA lead by Fatah has a weak hold on the WB and lost Gaza completely in 2007. Mahmoud Abbas is 87 and will die soon, Fatah is pretty weak, Hamas is strong, but not decisively like in Gaza. Major cities are way more separate in WB, so different group tend to have control in the different cities, like Ramallah, Jenin, Hebron, etc... In this case Hamas was not involved. Many Palestinians will attack Israeli citizens(these Druze were Israeli), as the Palestinian government will pay their families though pay to slay,

Edit: accidentally replaced fatah with hamas


faciepalm t1_j6lztdj wrote

Radicalised people gonna do radical things i guess. Though to be fair, even the boy's father said they took the body instead of my son. Doesn't seem like it was a slaying of the boy who was in a car accident


Shaul_Ishtov t1_j6mz8h3 wrote

His family said he was still alive when he was taken, he died in the terrorists custody.


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feedthebear t1_j6kd3ag wrote

Guns vs rocks is hardly a fair fight.


onlyfacts2000 t1_j6kdlvu wrote

> In the breakdown of the attacks, there were 17 attempted shooting attacks, six through stabbings, five through explosives and another attempt at a run-over attack.

Yes, this is in 2023 alone. (Hebrew source, feel free to use Google translate)

Let's stop lying please.


[deleted] t1_j6ku0wl wrote



onlyfacts2000 t1_j6ku6bu wrote

What numbers game?

He said it's "Guns vs rocks". But It's guns and explosive charges and knives versus innocent Israeli civilians.

Why are you trying to change the subject?


bhuddistchipmonk t1_j6lddzq wrote

And the vast, overwhelming majority of those deaths are terrorists and militants. But you’re just gonna leave out that little tidbit since it doesn’t suit your narrative.

Sorry not sorry, I don’t feel any sympathy for Palestinian terrorists killed while killing or planning to kill innocent civilians.


grapehelium t1_j6lsl52 wrote

If you really want to play a numbers game, start with the truth.

There were not even 300 Palestinians killed in 2022. so certainly less than 1 a day.


(and even once you get the real number, how many of those were active combatants, or killed because of their immediate proximity to active combatants? The vast majority of Israelis killed by palestinians were not only not active combatants, they were civilians just doing day to day stuff nowhere near a firefight)

and neither does Israel just walk around picking up palestinian kids to torture. Of course someone involved in a terrorist activity, or endangering the lives of others, by throwing rocks at cars for example, should be detained. The torture thing is just another accusation thrown around without any basis or proof. Just like the accusation that Israel loves to do this. Israel wants all these terrorists, and their kids that have been raised to hate to just leave Israel alone.

(now after having written all of this, I hope you were just sincerely uneducated, and have now learnt something, and I haven't wasted my time with a troll.)


tickleyourfanny t1_j6joe28 wrote

"we just bombed the country making drones uses against you, what more do you need?" (isreal)


degotoga t1_j6lc8pu wrote

Allowing Ukraine to buy proven Israeli drones would be pretty cool. But Israel doesn’t want to upset Russia


grapehelium t1_j6lt0kx wrote

Israel also doesn't want one of their drones to be downed, and examined by Russia's ally, Iran.


idanoren13 t1_j6ldoa5 wrote

I don’t think Israel will ever sell advanced weaponry to Ukraine. Economically, Israel doesn’t like to take sides in main events world stage that doesn’t directly involve it.


degotoga t1_j6leki1 wrote

I mean Israel has no issue selling weapons to literally anyone else. Netanyahu just wants to maintain a relationship with Russia


idanoren13 t1_j6lf64e wrote

Netanyahu became PM a month ago. The previous PM Lapid which he is more pro Ukraine, didn’t sell weaponry. I’m not talking about the moral arguments (that they are in favor selling to Ukraine) I’m speaking that Israel prefers to sell weapons to 3rd world countries that nobody has interest what happens there or countries that the chances to be involved in a major war is low.


degotoga t1_j6lg0qe wrote

Israel sells to NATO members as well as countries in active disputes so I don’t understand this argument


idanoren13 t1_j6lgvcm wrote

Then I ill explained that. My point is that while Israel sell weapons to anyone, expect when a major conflict like Ukraine Russia war it prefers to stay out of it. Its a business move to keep its gold standard as superior technology, so they won’t have to really test their stuff.


degotoga t1_j6ljft2 wrote

That makes zero sense


idanoren13 t1_j6n3tjx wrote

For you it’s nonsense but for Israel it’s sweet cash


degotoga t1_j6nzu4v wrote

So if Italy goes to war with Russia, Israel will cease to supply them weapons? Or worse, ban them from using the weapons they already bought in order to maintain its “gold standard”? Why would anyone purchase Israeli weapons under this absurd logic. The real answer is that Israel has decided helping Ukraine isn’t worth antagonizing Russia


Daniel100500 t1_j6lwqjf wrote

It's not that Israel doesn't want to upset Russia. It's simply that Israel wants access to Syrian air space which Russia owns.


degotoga t1_j6m5zx8 wrote

That’s the same thing


MadNhater t1_j6o52oy wrote

Explain why Israel should give up their security to give Ukraine weapons.


TechnicianOk6269 t1_j6oezqy wrote

I love these reddit virtue signaling monkeys. They’re saying these things from the comfort of their own home, on their toilet in the good ol Ohio USA. And you get gaslighted as a Russian bot if you say otherwise.

Meanwhile the groups that are pressured to do these things don’t benefit personally and actually compromises their security in a dangerous part of the world.

People need to get their head out their ass.


degotoga t1_j6oiusv wrote

What security are they giving up? Russia is allied with Syria, Israel’s enemy. Israel doesn’t need Russian assurances to protect itself against Syria


Reselects420 t1_j6jqhp1 wrote

Armoured ambulances…


onlyfacts2000 t1_j6kds11 wrote

Standard need of the army in Israel. Every operation conducted deep in Palestinian territories must be followed by an armored military ambulance with a doctor/paramedic together with a team of medics.


[deleted] t1_j6ku5kw wrote



onlyfacts2000 t1_j6kuo15 wrote

Actually, as someone who was in those ambulances for over a year, we helped injured Palestinians (Mostly because of violence in their own society, crime is huge there) while their ambulances were many times slower to arrive.

If Israel was serious about "Attacking ambulances and medics", there would be no Palestinian ambulances and medics.

But don't let reality get in the way of your delusional narrative.

Also, rocks? Really? You do realize the IDF faces gunfights, explosive charges, traps and much more on a regular basis, right? Why would you lie about that?


grapehelium t1_j6lsvax wrote

and their rocks also include cinder blocks dropped from buildings.

(sarcasm ahead....)

buy hey it's still just a rock.

and a bullet has the same metal content of a few coins. So all is good? no difference.


neverfarts t1_j6m2z38 wrote

Yup, I was guarding the road going into Jerusalem, was attacked with everything from pineapple (not so funny when thrown from a vehicle traveling at 80kmh), a refrigerator, a moped on fire, a donkey, and of course, the ubiquitous bricks.


Selethorme t1_j6lgims wrote

> But don’t let reality get in the way of your delusional narrative.

Oh the irony.


benadreti_ t1_j6lilec wrote

You think Palestinians are cavemen who only have rocks?


Shaul_Ishtov t1_j6n00np wrote

Their support for Palestinians is based in racism towards both Jews (white European) and Arabs (undeveloped primitive cavemen)


GreyGoosie t1_j6m4vjx wrote

Bro get off Reddit instead of embarrassing yourself. Just goes to show how much pro Palestinians know nothing about the conflict.


onecrazyguy1 t1_j6lkhws wrote

More from terrible palestini terror. You see the Palestini have a history of violent terrorism and using ambulances for terror. It might be time to move to the two state solution. Cities in area A and B can stay, but Israel gets the rest and the rest of the Palestinians can go back to Jordan. Gaza can become the state of Palestine.


fluteofski- t1_j6lo4p3 wrote

When do we get those here in the US?


DividedState t1_j6lyc9l wrote

According to cyberpunk, it depends on your trauma team coverage plan.


Zware_zzz t1_j6lpq5x wrote

And air strikes on Iran.


oripash t1_j6mfkys wrote


We talk here about the theater, not about the real help provided by Israel.

Better this way.

It’s ambulances.


UrbanStray t1_j6jwkjm wrote

Does every single update on each country sending another aid package to Ukraine qualify as world news?


BMWDUKE t1_j6m5k9v wrote

Dumb question, 20 points from hufflepuff


UrbanStray t1_j6oadz4 wrote

Why is it a dumb question?


BMWDUKE t1_j6oburd wrote

Because not only is it the most important event in recent history, whether you agree with that or not, but it's WORLD LEADERS sending MILITARY AID to a FOREGIN COUNTRY that is AT WAR which could pose multiple NATIONAL SECURITY RISKS. If you don't think that's world news, you are mistaken.


takeitineasy t1_j6of6za wrote

To many people are still under the impression that Israel is pro-Russia, so, unfortunately these articles have to be posted.


autotldr t1_j6josl7 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 71%. (I'm a bot)

> Israel's Defense Ministry announced Monday that it had delivered three more armored ambulances to Ukraine's emergency services, given Russia's nearly year-long invasion of the country.

> Jerusalem has so far avoided providing direct military aid to Kyiv - including offensive arms or advanced defensive technology - since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24 last year, in an attempt to avoid sparking a crisis with Moscow.

> Israel has provided defensive equipment to Ukraine's emergency and rescue forces, as well as tons of humanitarian aid and setting up a field hospital in western Ukraine for several weeks.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Ukraine^#1 Israel^#2 last^#3 Cohen^#4 Ministry^#5


Discoveryellow t1_j6jq096 wrote

Better this than what China sent. It's good to see Israel having to be increasingly clear in picking sides.


omega3111 t1_j6jx1k3 wrote

Israel has picked sides from day 1. In the first month of the war they already sent over 100 tons of aid.


chilu0222 t1_j6k2cyy wrote

No,they haven't picked sides. Because they are still giving Russians citizenships from left to right.


Used-Lie-5150 t1_j6k8rql wrote

They are giving Russian Jews citizenship as Israel is meant to be a safe hevan for Jews. Kind of like Moscow's chief rabbi who wasn't willing to back the war. There are also plenty of Ukrainian Jews who got Israeli citizenship.


TheGazelle t1_j6muti0 wrote

Oh no, how horrible of them to shelter Jews fleeing a war they don't want to be part of from a nation with history of pogroms.


BMWDUKE t1_j6m5ptt wrote

why the fuck would the enemy send aid???


StableGenius- t1_j6k9koi wrote

Only took them a year


HiHoJufro t1_j6kbeub wrote

They literally always supported Ukraine. They condemned Russia, built a field hospital, took in refugees, supplied defensive equipment and fucktons of aid.


G_Danila t1_j6lvd1l wrote

They've already sent armoured ambulances in the first few months of the war, set up a hospital with Israeli doctors in Ukraine, took in Jewish refugees from Ukraine, sent over 100 tons of aid and bombed drone-making facilities in Iran and Syria which equip Russia.


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onlyfacts2000 t1_j6keamr wrote

Literally in a thread about Israel sending military assets to Ukraine.

How deep the anti Israel sentiments and ignorance goes, it's always incredible to see.


grapehelium t1_j6ltp94 wrote

I think there is more to it than just anti-Israel.

any event, or any issue, is regularly hijacked by the Palestinians and their supporters.

They are like a petulant little child that wants attention.


Look at me, I'm right here.

Look at me!


LOOK. AT. ME. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, now Gimme. (baby talk for "give to me")


Good-Internet-7500 t1_j6me70t wrote

So Israel have chosen sides at last.


Boborbot t1_j6mt38e wrote

Been that way since almost the beginning, just that they chose actions rather than words.


7uring7es7 t1_j6mfjto wrote

Is this just so the Times of Israel can distract from the next intifada old Bene is starting up?


Boborbot t1_j6mt0f4 wrote

Amazing how a terror wave by one side is blamed on the other.

That’s like saying the US caused 9/11 by ensuring gay and women rights. Those damn murderous progressives!


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grapehelium t1_j6ltd61 wrote

Sorry, not true.

Israel is not donating armored ambulances to the Palestinians.



Baldman10 t1_j6m7vdp wrote

“If not worse” there are literally more deaths in the Ukraine invasion than in the Palestinian side of the conflict since 1948. Im not making this up - look up the official numbers


insurgent_dude t1_j6m16c4 wrote

>They're doing the same thing if not worse to Palestinians

lol, sure they are.