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Reselects420 t1_j6jqhp1 wrote

Armoured ambulances…


onlyfacts2000 t1_j6kds11 wrote

Standard need of the army in Israel. Every operation conducted deep in Palestinian territories must be followed by an armored military ambulance with a doctor/paramedic together with a team of medics.


[deleted] t1_j6ku5kw wrote



onlyfacts2000 t1_j6kuo15 wrote

Actually, as someone who was in those ambulances for over a year, we helped injured Palestinians (Mostly because of violence in their own society, crime is huge there) while their ambulances were many times slower to arrive.

If Israel was serious about "Attacking ambulances and medics", there would be no Palestinian ambulances and medics.

But don't let reality get in the way of your delusional narrative.

Also, rocks? Really? You do realize the IDF faces gunfights, explosive charges, traps and much more on a regular basis, right? Why would you lie about that?


grapehelium t1_j6lsvax wrote

and their rocks also include cinder blocks dropped from buildings.

(sarcasm ahead....)

buy hey it's still just a rock.

and a bullet has the same metal content of a few coins. So all is good? no difference.


neverfarts t1_j6m2z38 wrote

Yup, I was guarding the road going into Jerusalem, was attacked with everything from pineapple (not so funny when thrown from a vehicle traveling at 80kmh), a refrigerator, a moped on fire, a donkey, and of course, the ubiquitous bricks.


Selethorme t1_j6lgims wrote

> But don’t let reality get in the way of your delusional narrative.

Oh the irony.


benadreti_ t1_j6lilec wrote

You think Palestinians are cavemen who only have rocks?


Shaul_Ishtov t1_j6n00np wrote

Their support for Palestinians is based in racism towards both Jews (white European) and Arabs (undeveloped primitive cavemen)


GreyGoosie t1_j6m4vjx wrote

Bro get off Reddit instead of embarrassing yourself. Just goes to show how much pro Palestinians know nothing about the conflict.


onecrazyguy1 t1_j6lkhws wrote

More from terrible palestini terror. You see the Palestini have a history of violent terrorism and using ambulances for terror. It might be time to move to the two state solution. Cities in area A and B can stay, but Israel gets the rest and the rest of the Palestinians can go back to Jordan. Gaza can become the state of Palestine.


fluteofski- t1_j6lo4p3 wrote

When do we get those here in the US?


DividedState t1_j6lyc9l wrote

According to cyberpunk, it depends on your trauma team coverage plan.